The Magnises Black Card Gives Discounts That Offsets The Membership Price

Magnises was first created in the year 2014 as a membership club but was previously known as many series of parties that were held for young people. The parties that Magnises held were very popular among millennials, and it helped to spark an idea to create a membership for the same group of people. Billy McFarland is the creator who started Magnises, and he also stands as the CEO as well. Being in his early 20s himself, Billy can understand what young people want and need, whether they desire to have fun, to make purchases or for any professional needs that they may have, so Magnises is designed to fulfill those needs.

Magnises can be considered a millennials guide because it’s a great way to get this particular group of people to some of the best events that are geared towards the younger generation. With millennials having such a strong buying power, they are a market group that is key to the business that many different companies have, especially when it comes to things like hip hotels, gyms, events, nightclubs and more. Many companies will try to satisfy millennials by catering to the demands that this group of people have because it benefits everyone.

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Magnises Is The Black Card That Helps Millennials Build The Best Network

Magnises has chosen to partner with over 50 different companies that only have the intention of bringing great discounts, products, services and more to millennials. One of the best things that can be obtained with a Magnises membership are the discounts, which go for anything from club reservations to drink service to food and more. Even hotel stays are discounted when using the Magnises card at, especially for those who have added on one of the new lifestyle perks to their membership. The lifestyle perks that Magnises added in 2016 are passes that are very helpful to anyone who uses them.

One such pass is the HotelPass, which can be added to any Magnises membership and brings about an amazing discount to certain kinds of hotels. The Dream Hotel is one of the partners that work with Magnises and has discounted their rooms to $79 a night for Magnises card holders. Even a ClubPass can be extremely beneficial to the person using it because it makes sure they have guaranteed entrance into a nightclub, which easily can take a load off of their mind when they go to a nightclub. Magnises membership starts at $250 a year.

Anyone with a standard membership can add any pass, such as the ClubPass for $65 each month. Each pass will have their own individual price, and all the passes are obtainable by any Magnises member. The more advanced membership from Magnises can only be obtained if it’s offered to the member. With a price tag of $1000 per year, the Magnises Plus membership certainly pays off within a short period of time, especially since the users will have some exclusive benefits and incredible discounts. Having a Magnises membership is something that anyone who lives in New York City should have.

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The Critical Importance Online Reputation Management

In today’s world, many instances show the effects of negative attitudes on relationships in the business world. As a society, negative mindsets and possibilities often motivate courses of action. Individual negativity can spark a need for an overall positive light on online reputation management. An article posted by Tipp News highlights the concept that negative emotions are often heightened through the use of social media. Even though there are positive emotions associated with social media and internet use, these negative emotions often outweigh any positive feelings. Online reputation management is crucial to many small businesses that cannot withstand negative attacks or accusations.

The article also mentions that companies attempt to combat negative publicity by planting fake reviews that promote the company. This is an ineffective strategy due to the fact that if exposed, the company will receive even more negativity than originally anticipated. This would in-turn create an even more damaged online reputation for the organization. Other ineffective strategies can include deleting negative comments, shifting blame, or becoming defensive. All of these tactics that attempt to mend the online reputation of a company often create the opposite of the desired effect.

There are many alternative options to combating negative online comments. A good Reputation Defender review management team is required. It is often seen that companies are advised to wait to respond to negative publicity. The concept of waiting allows administrators inside the company to come up with a strategy with the necessary information. Online reputation management strategies can be successfully applied to the public relations section of an organization.

In conclusion, companies should note which online reputation management strategies are potentially harmful, and which strategies are beneficiary.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur born on September 2, 1969. He is a co-founder of various companies among them Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, lightbank, Uptake, and Tempus where he also doubles as the CEO.
Erick Lefkosky currently works with Tempus, a health technology startup that is committed to building infrastructure that is geared to modernizing cancer treatment. The company helps healthcare professionals and doctors to make personalized, data-driven, and real-time cancer treatment decisions by analyzing the patient’s genetic code. Tempus uses sophisticated genomic sequencing and analysis methods to help doctors and healthcare providers understand tumors better.

Early life and education
Eric Lefkofsky, a son to Bill and Sandy, grew up in Southfield, Michigan State. He attended Southfield-Lathrup High School and graduated in 1987 before proceeding to University of Michigan where he graduated in 1991 with honors. Lefkosky furthered his education by enrolling again with University of Michigan Law School where he was awarded his Juris Doctor in 1993.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky and his wife Liz occasionally give to cancer research initiatives through their charitable trust, the Lefkofsky Foundation that they founded in 2006. Since its inception, The Lefkofsky foundation has donated $500,000 to aid research in immunotherapy for gastric cancer at University of Stanford, $1.2 million for cancer research at University of Michigan, $250,000 to Weill Cornell Medicine to aid in breast cancer research, and $1 million to Northwestern University’s Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. The foundation has helped fund more than 50 organizations.

In 2013, through their philanthropic endeavors, the Lefkofskys become members of The Giving Pledge. They pledged to donate at least half of the wealth they have to philanthropy throughout their lifetimes. Eric Lefkosky is also a Trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

Community interests
Lefkofsky ( has strong interests in community empowerment. He serves as a board of director in numerous organizations and companies with interests in community development. Some of them include; The Art Institute of Chicago, Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry. He is also a Trustee member of Steppenwolf Theatre Company, a performing arts institution based in Chicago. Lefkofsky also serves as member and co-chairman of World Business Chicago Technology council that brought the 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago.

Social media presence
Lefkofsky is largely present in a majority of the social media platforms. For instance, on twitter, he can be reached at @lefkofsky. Lefkofsky also owns a personal blog that he uses to communicate important information regarding some of his activities. On July 18, 2016, he wrote on his personal blog how artificial intelligence and big data are moving the society forward.

Teaching and writing
According to Forbes, Lefkofsky works in the teaching and writing industry where he has contributed immensely toward its growth and success. After his success at InnerWorkings, Lefkofsky took to a teaching career at various business schools in Chicago. He has previously taught at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. Presently Lefkofsky is an Adjunct Professor at the Booth School of Business in Chicago University. Additionally, he has contributed to the industry’s growth by writing a book; Accelerated Disruption. The book explains how technology affects businesses arguing that businesses that control and understand forces of technology thrive while those that do not get displaced.

Follow Eric on Twitter @lefkofsky to keep up with his news and events.

Energy Saving Tips to use in the Dry Season according to Ken Goodrich, Goettl

People living in Las Vegas understand that air conditioning systems are more like a life support than luxury. It has been forecasted that the coming days will see Las Vegas experience temperatures above 113 degrees, and this will be the period when the cooling systems will be put through the proverbial acid test. Goettl Air Conditioning owner Ken Goodrich, has offered some valuable tips on energy saving in homes. The tips will assist people to ensure the comfort of their families and safety during the extremely hot days to come.

Energy Saving Tips

Ken Goodrich stated that people ought to look at their filters in advance in order to make sure that adequate air flows in the houses. Clogged filters reduce the quantity of airflow in the system, and this reduces the cooled air that the system outputs. The reduction in airflow poses a strain on the system thereby increasing chances of AC failure. Goodrich further advises people to ensure that their draperies remain shut in order to ensure that sunlight is kept outside. Appliances and gadgets that produce heat should be used sparingly during daytime when it is expected the heat will be at its highest. He advises people to grill from outside and use the microwave more.

Using Automated Systems and Regular AC Maintenance

Goodrich advises that people could look at installing thermostats that are programmable that will make it possible for temperatures to rise by a little degrees while the owner is away. The thermostat should be kept at a minimum of 5 degrees of the usual setting as setting a higher degree could produce negative results. Ceiling fans should also be used to circulate the air inside the house, making it cooler. Regular AC maintenance is important as it ensures the system runs smoothly and it ought to be done twice every year. The first service should be during the Spring as the cool season kicks in while the second maintenance ought to be during the fall season.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Gust and Adam Goettl created the Goettl Air Conditioning Company back in 1939 before moving it to Las Vegas (1968). The recession in 2007 then forced Goettl to leave Southern Nevada. Kevin Goodrich purchased the company in 2013. Goettl Air Conditioning opened doors to its Las Vegas branch office in April this year. Las Vegas is the hometown of Mr. Goodrich and it is in the same town that he fell for Goettl from an early age of 10.

Lime Crime Takes The Cake With Vibrant New Lip Colors

For years the standard for lipstick and eye color has been the same. Either red, neutral or earth tones have been the most common options for lip and eye color. While these tones often come in variations, they often tend to be boring and repetitious. Self-made business woman and entrepreneur Doe Deere saw this as a major problem. As a lover of glam and all things color, she felt she needed to introduce new options for makeup lovers all over to explore. How could she express herself through makeup, if there weren’t any colors true to her personality and unique sense of style. After growing tired of unsuccessful searches, Deere decided to launch her own brand in 2008 and shake up the standard for lip color.


Lime Crime was built on the desire and promise to help promote and support uniqueness in guys and girls all around the world. Introducing new options for lips and eyes to the market, and encouraging difference in style and the courage to embrace these differences. She set out with a goal of creating styles and colors to match the unique and colorful clothes she stitched together to sell in her eBay store, and ended up leaving a major mark on the world of make up. All of the products produced by Lime Crime are vegan and free from animal cruelty, making them an option for people from all walks of life, according to their website.

Citing her fans as her main inspiration, Deere gives constant thanks to her fans and customers. Seeing someone dare to be different, and embrace their own sense of style no matter how outside of the norm it is, is what keeps her going. Deere calls them “unicorns”, those free spirited individuals who live life in full color, with no inhibitions. Your face is your canvass, and what you do with it says a lot about your personality and sense of inner style. Let Lime Crime paint the perfect picture of you, one vibrant color at a time.  See more of LimeCrime on social media, or visit their storefront on Urban Outfitters to try out a lip shade yourself.

EOS Transforms the Lip Balm Industry

Evolution of Smooth ( came onto the lip balm scene just seven years ago. In that time, the company has grown to be one of the leading competitors in the lip balm industry. You can find the smooth spherical eggs filled with silky lip balm goodness on store shelves across the globe! So how did this little start-up become a monumental force in merely seven short years? Simply put, through the talents and time of entrepreneurs Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller.

The two men joined together when they realized there was a huge gap in the lip balm industry. A lip balm geared towards millennials was absent. Seven years ago, lip balms were sold as simple and uninteresting products for chapped lips. However, lip balms were being used by far more than people with chapped lips. Lip balms were being used as a product to maintain lips not just heal them.

So Mehra and Teller decided to create a lip balm for millennials. A lip balm that people felt good about using everyday. They reinvented the packaging of traditional lip balm with an interesting smooth egg-like container. They released brand-new scents, flavors, and colors to the lip balm market. And, they even made their product organic.

As if the product weren’t enough to sell itself, the duo did extensive marketing research and created an entirely new brand for lip balm. This is displayed through their very strong social media presence. Today, EOS is leading the lip balm industry. Thanks to EOS lip balm is no longer a boring staple in women’s beauty regimes, but instead an exciting sensory experience! Check out their products on ULTA and eBay online.

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Benefits Of Professional PPC Management


Diving right into a PPC account can be very intimidating for many new advertisers. There are so many features and settings to get acquainted with in order to get get it right and avoid wasting your budget.


White Shark Media is a renowned company that renders outstanding service to clients in many different industries. The company has been providing top notch advertising solutions and campaign for many years and has a proven track record in the industry.


PPC is an attractive advertising method because it can quickly generate highly targeted traffic for businesses. This advertising method requires a lot of knowledge and experience to set it correctly, and generate significant returns on investment.


Many business owners and companies create a PPC advertising campaign and quickly blow through their advertising budget without having the success they desire. It takes a great deal of understanding and experience of how pay per click advertising works in order to run a profitable campaign and achieve success.


White Shark Media provides pay per click advertising setup and campaign management, and caters to the needs of clients around the globe. White Shark Media focuses on providing advertising services to small and mid-sized businesses. The team at White Shark Media has the skills and top resources to deliver the quality advertising solutions and campaign management that their clients need for success.


When you contact the PPC experts at White Shark Media, they will evaluate your advertising needs and any campaigns you have already set up, and make recommendations on what to do to improve performance.


Typically, you will start with a consultation with your dedicated PPC specialist to discuss your strategies and goals. They will introduce you to structured processes for keyword selection, ad testing, keyword management, conversion rate optimization, campaign monitoring, bid management, and the other areas that drive PPC campaigns.


They will walk you through the proper steps to setting up a profitable PPC campaign, and how to do keyword research and choose the best keywords for your campaigns. These professionals have a good understanding of how things work in the PPC platforms, and are qualified to help clients learn the process. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and highly dedicated to providing superb advertising solutions.


If you sign up with White Shark Media, these experts can handle your campaign management for you, while you focus on other areas of your business.

Law Enforcement Agency Communications Specialists Earn Special Recognition

PR Wire News is one of the top leading news reporting websites on the internet. They often publish stories that highlight the good that happens throughout the business and financial industries. A recent news article highlighted several employees of a communications and security firm located in Dallas, Texas. The article was published on September 28, 2016. It was title, “Eleven Securus Technologies Field Service Specialists Achieve Prestigious BICSI Instaler 1 Certification.

The article highlighted the prestigious certification that these individuals earned. The certification is internationally recognized and is has only been achieved by a small number of individuals. The acronym BICSI stands for Building Industry Consulting Service International. It is one of the highest levels of information and communications support technology certifications available.

The company, Securus Technologies, was briefly talked about in the article. The company began in 1986. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company provides technology and communications systems , and support, to law enforcement agencies. They also provide services to several of the jails and prisons located throughout the country. The services that Securus Technologies provides includes emergency response, incident management, public information, and investigations. The company also provides these institutions with various communications systems such as telephone, video, and security systems. Securus designs, installs, manages, and even maintains these systems. Their main purpose is to provide safety and security for all individuals.

 Securus Technologies and other communications companies play a vital role in our civilization. Recognizing the achievements of the individuals who provide these services is also an important part of our society. Too often we focus on the bad instead of the good.


The Midas touch of Raj Fernando

Rajiv K. “Raj” Fernando popularly known as Raj Fernando is an entrepreneur, political fundraiser and most importantly, a philanthropist. He served previously as the Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading before becoming the current Chairman and Chief Executive Office of

Raj Fernando is the son of CK and Laura Fernando. He was born in Denmark because his parents were residing in Denmark at the time of his birth. However, the family moved to the United States before Raj’s first birthday. Raj boasts of a good educational background given that he is an alumnus of Beloit College having graduated from the College with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History. Furthermore, Raj also attended University College London.

From his teenage days, Raj Fernando always had an admirable work ethic. For instance, while still studying in College, he volunteered his time and skills at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Upon graduating from College, Raj worked his way up careerwise from 1991 to 2001 serving in several trading posts.

Having acquired adequate trading skills, Mr. Raj decided to start his own trading company called Chopper trading in 2002. Basically, the Chicago-based trading firm focused on the segments of equities, fixed income and so on. As the Chief Executive Officer of Chopper Trading, Mr. Raj designed, effected and managed several sophisticated trading, communications, and risk management as well as administration and Source Code security systems in the business industry.

Under the leadership of Raj Fernando, Chopper Trading grew into a major participant trading on renowned international exchanges such as the CME, LSE, NASDAQ, ICE, ICAP- Broketek and Eurex. In January 2015, Raj Fernando sold Chopper Trading to DRW – a worldwide leader in the financial market. A year later, Raj launched an internet start-up company called, which serves to provide trusted information to companies and investors in order to achieve an upturn in business productivity and professional growth.

Besides acting as the current CEO of, Mr. Fernando also sits on the board of American Security Project, the Chicago Committee on International Affairs and the Foreign Policy Leadership Commission at the Brookings Institute.

Mr. Fernando also participates in many philanthropic activities. He has made donations to many organizations including PAWS Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Wounded Warriors of Chicago, the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. On the political front, Mr. Fernando has always made financial donations to Democratic aspirants since 2003, notably Barrack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign bids.

Wengie Gives An Everyday Makeup Look Tutorial

In a recent Youtube video, makeup vlogger Wengie shows the audience her new go-to makeup look that she has been wearing for the last month. She also suggested that people leave comments for a suggestion for her new videos that she releases twice a week and was looking for an idea for her Thursday video.


The first thing she does is to make sure that her hair is secured out of her way with a special velcro item that does not leave dents in the hair and simply keeps fly aways out of her face. Next, she applies a toner to her face to remove and dirt and debris and prep her skin for the makeup application.


She then applies an all in one BB cream that she can cover her face evenly with to give the effect of an even skin tone without the caked foundation look. She spreads the BB cream with a damp makeup sponge to get the product even all over her face. Then she uses a brow mascara that is lighter than her natural color to soften her look. She follows up with a brow powder to fill in any gaps and give more of a finished look.


Wengie then takes a brown eyeliner pencil to her waterline and the area above her upper eyelashes in a thin even line that extends just a bit from the natural crease to elongate the look of the eye and define the shape. She uses a bit of brown shadow on the edges of the eyes and she then uses the same color to do a bit of contouring. She takes an eyelash curler to achieve a more awake look.


For her lips, she applies a red lip tint under a pink lip gloss for a naturally tinted lip look. She also uses the lip tint as a blush and blends with a damp makeup sponge. The look is complete and she urges people that try the look to tag her so she can see what their look turns out like. She also tells the audience to stay tuned for her Saturday video.