Cosmetic Surgeries by Dr. Rod Rohrich

Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. is considered one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Dallas. He attended North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota. He also attended Baylor College of Medicine and obtained a medical degree. Some types of cosmetic surgeries he performs are Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, Face lift and Breast Surgery. Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is the reshaping of the nose. Creating a natural looking nose is his ultimate goal. This procedure helps better nose appearances by altering places on the nose, such as, the Bulbous Tip, the Droopy Tip and the Dorsal Hump. This procedure can also be done for customers with breathing difficulties, such as, Deviated Septum. Open rhinoplasty is the type of rhinoplasty Dr. Rohrich chooses to perform. He likes open rhinoplasty better because it lets the surgeon see more clearly the hidden structures of the nose. Dr. Rohrich says that this way satisfies his customers more and allows him to be more precise. The other type of rhinoplasty is closed rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty or secondary rhinoplasty is when customers come back to correct the previous nose surgery they’ve had done. This surgery is considered very difficult because of the previous work on the nose. The type of surgery Rod J. Rohrich insist to be perform is called an open approach. This procedure helps him get a clear view of the whole nose structure. To make sure the nose keeps it’s new shape there is a splint placed in the nose after the surgery.

The Face lift procedure is used to make customers look younger. Dr. Rohrich comes up with a different plan for each customer when it comes to their face lift because everyone has a different face. Most customers are in their forties, fifties and sixties. Rod J. Rohrich is considered an expert in face lifts. He has performed thousands of procedures throughout his career. Dr. Rohrich is also known for teaching internationally about these procedures.

Perry Mandera Knows Quite A Bit About Getting The Job Done Right In His Business

Perry Mandera has worked in the logistics and transportation sector for more than four decades. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Custom Companies, Inc. and has had a long history of finding success in the business world ( During his time as a Marine, he learned a lot about transportation as his job was to transport supplies and troops, and this has contributed to his knowledge and experience in the field that he has dedicated himself to for most of his life. After returning from his time with the Marines, he served as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago and was, in fact, the youngest person to ever serve in that position (Resume).

Perry Mandera has remarked on the fact that he usually just sleeps around four hours every day and that he spends, both, his time before bed as well as when he waked up in the morning getting around to email messages and phone calls. In general, he communicates through email and by phone quite a bit in order to keep in touch with his employees, customers, and vendors, and he also takes time during his lunch hour to do the same. During his off time, he likes to spend time with his family and always sets aside a part of his day for this reason. When Mandera comes up with a new idea, he likes to introduce it to some of the executives that he works with as well as other professionals outside of his working life.

Perry Mandera is known to look for the best way to do things right the first time. Perry has discovered through his own research and onsite surveys that his management team has the hardest time with fixing problems that someone else created. In fact, he found out that many of his employees spend at least a quarter of their day solving problems that could have been avoided in the first place. He admits that this has caused him to micromanage a lot and that this has actually helped to produce employees who know what they are doing.

Netpicks Teaches Their Expertise to New Forex Traders

There are some amazing opportunities in the foreign currency markets and Netpicks is the choice for education in this endeavor. They were founded in 1996 by successful traders who to this day still trade every day. They have an intense focus on helping new traders find success in the forex markets and they bring considerable educational firepower to bear.

One reason that traders are drawn to the forex markets is the incredible liquidity that is available. The cost of trading major currency pairs is very low and the market hardly ever takes a breather as well. It is open and accessible 24 hours a day except for weekends. Currency pairs often trend really well and they can last for quite some time which provides another positive.

Leverage is an important factor in forex markets and Netpicks is adept at teaching new traders how to use it responsibly. This can help traders maximize profits with acceptable levels of risk which can give them peace of mind. Leverage is a great selling feature of forex trading and its power must be harnessed so it can accomplish what the trader desires. The deep levels of experience of Netpicks in this regard give them an unqualified endorsement in educating new forex traders (

Netpicks also fully understands how precious time is for their students and their courses are designed to be learned quickly. Their expertise shines on the instructional videos that students learn from and it can all be accomplished in a reasonable time frame.

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Every new trader has different goals in mind and Netpicks is very mindful of this reality. Their talented staff can teach the nuances of day trading as well as the bread and butter of swing trading. Investing is also something they are quite familiar with and the comprehensive range of their skills covers every style of trading.

Netpicks is also well-versed in other popular markets like futures, stocks, and options as well. Another telling fact is they still trade regularly and are fully engaged in markets as they use their strategies. They are the farthest thing from fly by night educators looking to make a quick buck.

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Know More of Dr. Mark Mckenna

The name Mark McKenna might not be a household name, but this man has helped to revolutionize medical aesthetics. Mark McKenna, M.D., is from the city of New Orleans, and he has played a major role in numerous fields of work. The Tulane University Medical School graduate has a long list of accomplishments in medicine and in real estate. He’s known by many people as a doctor, a businessman and a philanthropist to some degree. After the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Dr. Mark Mckenna would go on to help many of his hometown’s citizens through redevelopment. He has helped the people by rebuilding certain areas of the community via low-to-moderate income housing. Around this time, McKenna used his business-savvy sense to build his own empire by buying and selling real estate.

Medical aesthetics has taken over the medical industry in recent years and Dr. Mark McKenna is right at the forefront of the movement. OVME, an innovative medical-aesthetics company, provides some of the most advanced services when it comes to noninvasive medical procedures. This business is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and it offers luxury-treatment rooms, provides private rooms and provides consultations via secluded offices. This state-of-the-art facility offers an advanced suite of products and services for your face and for your body. Men and women can all enjoy the services and the company caters to individual needs. On top of that, there is an advanced app that can be used to book appointments. These appointments can be provided right from the comfort of your very own home. Yes, this is correct!

Dr. Mark McKenna has been involved in this specific sector of business for 10 years. His expertise and experience provide a great foundation to work from. All in all, this only scratches the surface of what Dr. Mark McKenna has done for society, but who knows what’s in store in the years to come.

End Citizens United Makes Endorsements

The 2018 midterm election cycle is seeing a major change in the political campaigning process. This change is the refusal of corporate funds for platform operations. And although the phenomenon appears to be something that only happens within the Democratic party, it is a refreshing strategy.

Jane Raybould is just one of these party members who has already turned down big money from corporate PAC sponsors. She wants the voters of Nebraska to know that her U.S. Senate race is not for sale and their best interests come first. And, that is exactly why End Citizens United (ECU) endorses Jane Raybould bid for being a Senate member. As a side note, the opposite can be said of her opponent, Senator Fischer who acquires about half of her campaign funds from special interest organizations.

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The turning away of corporate funds is actually a growing trend, as a more than 80 political figures have opted out of having deep-pocket support in lieu of grassroots solutions for funding. It is just one of the goals of End Citizens United to support these candidates and raise awareness for their causes. This turning away from PAC and special interest money is not just about playing fair on the campaign trail, which should be more than enough reason to endorse the act. It is also about listening to the will of voters, while protecting the validity of the voting process.

An incredible per cent of the United States citizenry believe that a few big interest groups are manipulating the role of government while at the same time corrupting its purpose. A significantly lower percent of people believe that a candidate’s refusal of corporate and PAC funding is a good indicator of trust worth. In the case of Raybould, the endorsement from End Citizens United puts her in contact with thousands of its members who might turn out to be supporters and even volunteers. ECU accept $15 only for individual donation.


Enhanced Athlete Works to Win the Case

Enhanced Athlete is a company focused on their customers. They offer their services so people can feel better about themselves. They also offer coaching and gear that can help athletes succeed with all the options they need. The company spent a long time building their business up and relying on their good name to get through in the world of helping athletes. They spent most of their time doing what they could to give back to the people they saw as the best customers and that’s how they work to give them the options they need to get better.


When Nutrition Distribution tried to make things harder on Enhanced Athlete by suing them, they knew they had to do something. Enhanced Athlete saw this happen many times with the same company. They continued trying to sue people so they could make money. Enhanced Athlete felt they were where it needed to end. They knew the company was bogus and they did what they could to ensure everyone else knew it too. Now, it looks as though the case is swinging in favor of Enhanced Athlete because they know they did nothing wrong in the industry. It is their way of giving people a chance to see things will get better.


Enhanced Athlete saw Nutrition Distribution as nothing more than a company that just likes to sue other companies. They don’t even have a real claim in the nutrition industry. Instead, they just try suing companies that sell products similar to theirs. Most of the companies are new and they don’t have enough to stand on to fight Nutrition Distribution. They either end up losing the case or paying a settlement amount to ND because it means they don’t go out of business. The company makes its money that way.


Enhanced Athlete knew this wasn’t right and wanted to stop it. Unlike many of the other companies Nutrition Distribution went after, Enhanced Athlete knew what they were doing. They had been working for a long time and people saw them as a successful company in the industry. They had a great reputation and a lot of money behind them. Unlike the others, they could fight against ND. They decided to do it and now things are looking up. While they haven’t won the case, it’s gone better for them than it has with other companies that saw the same suit presented to them by Nutrition Distribution.

Founder Of Fortress Investment Group: Wes Edens

The history of Fortress Investment Group is incredibly important as it marks the first company to be publicly traded on an open market in North America in the private equity industry. Five people in the year 1998 founded the company. Today the current chairman and founder of the company is Wes Edens. Wes Edens is an interesting man as he is both a prominent businessman and entrepreneur as well as the owner of several sports teams across the nation.

He owns a member of the national basketball Association that is based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Bucks. In addition to his physical sports teams ownership, he also owns a video game team that plays in the electronic sports league. This team is known as FlyQuest and plays the video game league of legends.

While he has primarily been known as the founder of Fortress Investment Group’s Wes Edens started his life by going to Oregon State University. At Oregon State University he earned his bachelors of science degrees in both finance and business administration. He graduated from the University in 1984. After graduating from the University, he began his career in the finance industry by working for financial investment firm Lehman Brothers. At Lehman Brothers, he served as a partner and managing director from the years 1987 through 1993. In 1983 he made a change of pace and switched to Blackrock asset investors where he remained as a partner and managing director for the investment firm until 1997. In 1997 he along with four other individuals came up with the idea to launch their own private equity investment firm. This idea came to fruition in 1998 when Fortress Investment Group was launched.

Fortress Investment Group experienced a significant amount of growth during its initial years. From 1998 until 2006 the company was able to grow the assets that it managed by over 40%. In 2007 the company made the history books by becoming the first publicly traded private equity investment firm in the United States of America after holding its initial public offering with the help of Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs. During its IPO the company was able to sell $600 million worth of shares amounting to around 8% of the company. In 2017 the company was purchased by Japanese technology giant Softbank group. With the expert guidance of Wes Edens, the company was able to generate $140 million in revenue from the corporate acquisition.

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Shervin Pishevar says modern tech monopolies have power to destroy startups

Shervin Pishevar, one of the most lauded venture capitalists of the modern era, has made a career out of being able to spot market opportunities then answer them with high-tech solutions. As a founder and tech entrepreneur, he has started numerous highly successful companies. Names like WebOS, Ionside and Social Gaming Network are entries that Shervin Pishevar can proudly write into his resume as being children of his creation. As the founder and CEO of Sherpa Capital, the inveterate financier has also been behind the critical early-round financing of such mega-startups as Uber, Airbnb and dozens of others.

In his sparse free time, Shervin Pishevar also likes to weigh in on some of the most pressing concerns of the day. Through his Twitter feed, which has nearly 100,000 subscribers, Shervin Pishevar often holds forth on everything from the role of U.S. monetary policy to the analysis of cryptocurrencies.

One of the topics that he has been frequently addressing as of late, especially during a 21-hour tweet storm that left many of his opponents scrambling to find adequate rejoinders, has been the degree to which the U.S. should tolerate monopolies forming in the tech space. In particular, Pishevar has focused in on the immense harm that some of the largest tech companies are currently doing to innovation in a wide range of fields.

As just one example, Pishevar cites the ongoing feuds taking place between Uber, the company that he helped found, and the orders-of-magnitude larger Google, which has a nearly unlimited budget to harass and knock around its competitors. Uber, says Pishevar, has long been dedicating a large amount of its budget to researching and developing self-driving vehicles. But lately, he says, Google has started filing nuisance lawsuits against the firm, spuriously alleging that Uber has stolen intellectual property rights from the sclerotic Bay Area giant.

While Google has nearly unlimited funds with which to wage lawfare, Uber has been markedly damaged by having no choice but to show up in court and defend itself against the frivolous claims lest there be a default judgment rendered against it. Pishevar says this is just one way in which the monopolies abuse their power to stifle and snuff out competitors.

Kamil Idris Weighs In On Intellectual Property and Globalization

Dr. Kamil Idris participated in an interview and shared his take on Intellectual Property and Globalization.


Dr. Idris says that all countries should be aware of the importance of intellectual property as a development tool and its role in economic growth. The way a country uses intellectual property could vary based on several factors such as their political standpoint on committing to IP development, the amount of expert support staff available, the level of IP awareness and the societal needs. The WIPO has an Advisory Committee on Enforcement (ACE) which is a forum for countries to share experiences and ideas and possibly come up with solutions for enforcement and coordination improvements.


Dr. Idris discussed some of the issues with intellectual property due to globalization. He says the main issues are robbery and duplication. Other main issues include the need for resources to support IP training and capacity as well as support staff. The growth of communication in the technology realm has also posed a problem as this type of communication facilitates the duplication issues. The World Intellectual Property Organization works towards resolving these issues. The WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty provide minimum protection for digital copyright owners. WIPO offers training programs, seminars, and workshops for system users and those who administer the systems. Even though the WIPO can advise its members and stakeholders on intellectual property it is up to each nation individually to set their own preferences about how they want to conduct business in their country regarding intellectual property.


Globalization has triggered the need for new products and technologies, therefore the number of patents pending has soared to an outstanding number. TRIPS Agreement (trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights) helps the management of intellectual property by setting enforcement standards that regulate the legal and administrative duties and remedies for any issues that may arise including criminal sanctions. TRIPS has created a standard across several countries.

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Dr. Kamil Idris has shared his expertise across several platforms regarding intellectual property and its importance in the global economy. He is the President of The International Court of Arbitration and Mediation. He is also the Former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization. He has a strong law background and he has also received 19 honorary doctorate law degrees from universities worldwide. He is a Member of the International Law Commission of the United Nations and he has published several works on intellectual property and international law and development.

Jeunesse Global continues answering market needs with Luminesce skincare lotion

Jeunesse Global has become one of the biggest success stories on the international health and beauty scene. Founded in 2009, the company has grown from a garage-based startup to one of the preeminent companies in the global direct marketing of health and beauty products. This success has been the work of industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who have proven, once again, that they are masters of building successful direct marketing companies and delivering top-quality products at a reasonable price.

The incredible rise of Jeunesse Global has been due to two main factors. The first is Ray’s ability to craft the Jeunesse business plan and sell it to prospects. Having recruited tens of thousands of new distributors over the last nine years, the people behind Jeunesse are its most valuable asset. Ray has demonstrated that, even into his 70s, he is still one of the sharpest salespeople operating in the direct marketing space today.

The second pillar of Jeunesse Global’s success has been Lewis’ ability to identify market niches and quickly develop products that answer the needs of people around the planet. Creating new health and beauty products is half art and half science, both of which Lewis has proven to have profound aptitude for.

One example of the types of innovative products that Jeunesse has brought to market is its Luminesce skincare lotion. This revolutionary new product relies on a proprietary molecule that was developed specially for use in Jeunesse products. Known cryptically as APT-200, the molecule has been called a miracle element. It has been proven in internal studies to be able to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles, prevent the formation of new wrinkles and restore elasticity to skin.

Luminesce has been reported to be able to instantly turn back to clock on skin, making users appear 5 to 10 years younger with just one application. Luminesce is designed to keep going strong all day long, only requiring a single application in the morning. It is also able to create a vital, youthful glow, further adding to its year-shaving properties.

Luminesce is available exclusively through authorized Jeunesse Global distributors.,19.htm