Different Ways of Managing a Company’s Reputation Online

The latest technological advancements allow a client to view more about a particular brand or company from the internet before purchasing it. Research shows that 80% of the online buyers trust the reviews given online and they give recommendations on the same. Online reputation management helps in minimizing negative press, provision of excellent customer service and creating awareness about a particular brand. Hiring an online reputation management company is problematic to some individuals, small businesses, and startups. Therefore, there are ways courtesy of onlinereputationreviews.com of managing reputation online without the help of a company, which include:

  1. Embrace the use of social media

Creating a brand name on social media before someone else does it gives one more control of any eventualities that may happen. The company should include all the information about them on the “About” page. Use of appropriate keywords is necessary which makes it easier for the search engines to find your brand.

  1. Keep track of the company’s reputation online

Be proactive in checking what others are saying about your business online. Set up a custom feed with a particular keyword, which makes it easier to monitor what people are saying about your company/brand on social media. Creating Google Alerts also aid in determining what people said about your brand in the past and currently.

  1. Update all your internet sites

Publishing more information ensures that all one remains in the first or second pages of the search engines. The positive information about a company and its progressive works remains at the first or second pages of the search engines while the negative information remains at the bottom of the page. Keep the social media sites updated with the recent content of the blog posts, videos, company news, and press releases.

  1. Attend to criticisms

Responding in a professional, courteous, and collected way may be a way of improving the perception of your brand by the clients. The information about your services should be legitimate and transparent. Formulate an instant way of giving feedback to your customers too.

Other ways for improving your online reputation include; publishing more press releases online, owning several domains, Search Engine Optimization, and management of the company’s reviews.

Of Panama And The Beauty That Surrounds The Small Country

Every place in the world is reputed for something unique and there are elements that make it a favorite among visitors. This is the case when you go to Panama. There are lots of sightseeing opportunities on adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.webs.com, but most importantly, the country enjoys a rich history, which most visitors enjoy reading and touching or seeing. Panama is a small country that enjoys both a coastal environment and a tropical climate.

It is a rich country that offers the beauty that comes with natural features. Everything you see or touch feels lively and makes you want to visit the place more than once. So, if you had plans of making a visit to places across the world, you may want to try Panama for several reasons as shown.

Initially known as Gran Colombia
The history of Panama is interesting to read. Initially, the country was referred to as Gran Colombia but this would change in 1821 when the country parted with their colonialists the Spanish people, who invaded the region in the early 16th century. Until 1903, Panama remained connected with Colombia. The U.S. intervened and supported their bid to leave the union and a treaty on wordpress.com followed that authorized the Panama government to make the Panama Canal.

Least populated in Central America
As cited earlier, Panama is a small country and the population has not grown for many years. It is estimated that the country has maintained the rate of 2.6 children for each woman for decades and they have the lowest fertility rates in the region. This has contributed to their small population that is estimated at 3.6 million. In fact more than 70 percent of people who reside in the country come from different jurisdictions.

Many bird species
The U.S. and Canada put together cannot surpass the number of bird species Canada keeps. The pristine climatic conditions and environment in Panama is a factor that has contributed to the growth of bid species within the country. There are also rare species in their forests and the government has invested well to keep these beautiful creatures alive.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
As a leader in the business community of Panama, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has amassed massive followership and has been accorded respect for supporting young entrepreneurs across Panama. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has been selected by at least five Panama companies to work as their president and has also chaired several bodies that regulate business practices within the country.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa:

“Bruce Levenson – Businessman & Philanthropist”

Bruce Levenson, one of the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball franchise, has filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire insurance company, AIG for breach of contract in a settlement made by the team’s former manager, Danny Ferry.

The civil action suit states, it was insured under the policy for certain losses, but AIG has ignored and denied the policy was activated. The franchise reports the insurance company was to provide coverage for employment issues such as workplace libels as well as wrongful termination. Although these claims were suppose to be covered by AIG, the insurance company has neglected to follow through.

Mr. Levenson is a Forbes billionaire,  entrepreneur and altruist, who was born in Washington, DC and later moved to Maryland. He studied at Washington University, located in St. Louise and later on graduated from American University. While in school, he majored in journalism and law.

Starting out of his Maryland apartment, Bruce and one of his friends started United Communications Group (http://www.ucg.com/AboutUs/Ownership.aspx). This is a company that concentrates on information in the oil industry. There is also an app created by this enterprise, in which drivers are shown where the lowest gas prices are locally.

In 2004, collaborated with other businessmen to purchase the basketball team, today called the Atlanta Hawks.

Bruce Levenson’s contributions to various charities are impressive; he has donated funds and time to organizations such as Seeds of Peace, a non-political foundation which helps youth who arrive from areas suffering conflict discover the ability to make peace with each other. The I Have a Dream Foundation connects low-income children to the possibility of obtaining higher education. The Bringing the Lesson Home program, instructs kids who live in the inner city about the Holocaust and trains them to become tour guides for the Museum.

Mr. Bruce Levenson spends time between Atlanta and Maryland, where he, his wife, Karen and three boys reside.


The Wessex Institute of Technology Is Leading Research In Europe

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a leading group that influences scientific and technology research in Europe. Their headquarter is located by the national park in New Forest, England. They influence the scientific market with their awards, conferences and paper publishing.

The research division of the institute is affiliated with many universities in Western Europe. They are affiliated with several universities in Spain including Universidad de Granada and Universitat Politècnica de València. They have some affiliates in Italy including Universita di Siena and Universita di Pisa.

Every year, the institute holds award ceremonies to recognize excellence in scientific research. They made the Prigogine Medal in memory of the chemist Ilya Prigogine. They also have the George Green Medal that was started in 2014. Recipients of the awards can be from around the world, not just Europe.

On average, the institute holds 25 conferences per year in locations all around Europe and sometimes Asia. They discuss issues concerning the environment, security, development and other related issues.

Check out the Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia page for more information.


Talk Fusion to Reward Associates with a Trip to Milan, Italy

Talk Fusion, world’s renowned Video Marketing firm talk, will reward its best performing Associates with a luxury vacation trip to Milan, Italy. The company made this announcement on November 7, 2016, in a companywide broadcast.


The trip dubbed Destination: Milan will be in December 2017. It is meant to motivate Independent Associates to be more aggressive in building business next year.


The city of Milan is famous for high-class shopping ventures, delicious Italian cuisines, and historical sites. Talk Fusion will provide air tickets and 5-star hotel accommodation for the qualifiers and their spouses.


This prestigious treat is a topping to previous incentives that Talk Fusion offers. These awards include Diamond Recognition Rings, Rolex watches, Mercedes-Benz cars, and vacations to destinations like Hawaii, Maui, Florida cities of Orlando and Tampa, and Dubai.


The associates who qualified for the 2016 annual trips were scheduled to travel to their destinations from 1st to 4th December 2016. Those to attend Destination: Milan will be required to reach or exceed the Diamond rank.


Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, said that Destination: Milan will be another testament that his company is committed to giving the best of the best to its associates and customers.


The Vice President of Training and Development, Allison Roberts added that this is an opportunity for those who dream of traveling to new destinations and to spend more time with their families and loved ones. She said that hard work and determination would reward associates who have such dreams.


All Talk Fusion Associates participating in the company’s Instant Pay Compensation Plan in at least 140 countries are eligible for Destination: Milan. Such associates generate income by sharing the Talk Fusion’s robust Video Marketing Solution with people across the world.


Talk Fusion will continue with its history of offering two trips annually, and the new Destination: Milan in 2017.



About Talk Fusion


Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion founded the company in 2007.Through an all-in-one Video Marketing Solution, the company helps enterprises to win competition amongst businesses, to increase profits and to retain customers.


The company offers a 30-day trial of the Video Marketing tool by just registering with a name and email address at TalkFusion.com.

The Ultimate Title Clearing Company, Nationwide Title Clearing, NTC

In the recent past, title defects have become a rampant issue in the real estate industry. Most people feel that these inconveniences cause wrongful foreclosures and stagnation. Without the title defects, the transition of assets would be a smooth process. In response to the growing demand regarding title defects, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) has responded by availing property reports with online ordering. NTC is among the best companies in document-processing and research provider for the financial and mortgage industry.

Property records are one of the key factors to certifying a clear title conveyance as well as minimizing the risks of buying the property again or failure to foreclosure. NTC has made the procedure of securing property reports easier by availing them online.

Factors that could lead to title defects
Title defects occur mostly when the property you own belong to someone else. Some of the other factors include errors in wording that do not comply with the real estate standards of the location, missing signatures for important parties such as a spouse, encumbrances that have not been cleared, and failure to follow the set procedure when filling the real estate documents.

It is advisable to clear all title defects before transferring or selling the property to avoid future inconveniences. NTC has availed several property reports online for the ever evolving mortgage industry. The reports include tax status (plus) report, tax status report, current owner report, and assignment verification report services.

According to the CEO, John Hillman, NTC has a mission to offer an easy process of obtaining property reports. The property reports offered by NTC are based on intensive research conducted from the real records and can be accessed by any residential property owner. The data is reliable as it is taken from several sources such as the counties. The firm gives accurate details for all the reports according to the needs of the client.

NTC has its offices situated in Palm Harbor, Florida. It was founded in 1991 as a private entity for research and document processing facilities to the residential mortgage sector. The firm is prominent for the accurate results and quality documentation it provides to its clients. NTC deals with property reports, assignment services, document retrieval, land record research, lien release services, final document tracking, etc.

The company is among the fastest growing firms, and its expansion can be attributed to the impact it has on the local community. It has received several awards including being ranked position 26 during the 2013 Fast 50 Awards of the fastest growing firms.

Learn more: http://www.inc.com/profile/nationwide-title-clearing

Various Products offered by Wen by Chaz Dean

The Winter Vanilla Mint replenishing treatment mist is going to add an inviting smell to your hair. If you don’t want people just wondering up to you and casually taking a whiff, you might want to find another fragrance then because strangers will love the smell of this stuff. Wen hair by Chaz Dean created this product by combining vanilla cocoa and mint with a number of botanical as well as extracts to this treatment product. It will be used to revive your hair and will help to restore it back to its beautiful looks once more. It will be used as a leave in conditioner to help add volume to your hair and body if you are lacking these.

WEN hair Pomegranate nourishing mousse is just one of the products that you might want to try if you like a more subtle smell. It will add volume and shine to all different hair types and allows you to use a product that is not going to damage your hair when you use it for long periods of time. If you apply it to your hair and then allow it to dry naturally, without the heat of a blow dryer that is, then you will see that it will still allow your hair to not frizz. It will still allow for nourishment to be added into your hair strands without creating a buildup of unnecessary ingredients. A Facebook  product reviewer once said, it will leave your hair feeling healthy and smelling good all at once.

If you have kids and want to purchase items for them to use, the Wen Kids Watermelon conditioner is one to give a try. It will allow your children to have a healthy habit that still keeps their hair smelling good. We all purchase items on Guthy-Renker that are great smelling for our kids to use so when they are in school, they smell clean while many times, we know how hard it is to get them into a bath or shower, but this will make them smell clean no matter what their showering pattern is. It is menthol free and contains a rice protein that makes their hair healthy. There is no wheat and no soy in the conditioner. It can be used for kids who have a large amount of allergies. This is a great choice for people who like things more natural and want to start their kids on the same path in life.

Check out: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wen-hair-care#/entity

Kenneth Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning Honors a Veteran Student of Southern Nevada College

Kenneth Goodrich’s Post 9/11 Veteran Scholarship

According to a recent PRNewswire, Kenneth Goodrich, the owner of Goettl announced that they had honored Nick Hughes, a veteran student of Southern Nevada College. Three years ago, Nick Hughes left the US Navy to continue with studies. However, transitioning into civilian life was a challenge since he did not know what career to venture.

Today, Nick Hughes is weeks away from graduating with a diploma in air conditioning technology. He also awaits Kenneth Goodrich’s sponsored, Post 9/11 Veterans Scholarship. Unlike traditional college endowments, Kenneth Goodrich’s award allows Hughes to choose from $1,000 worth of air condition tools to use in the next step of his career. Besides, Post 9/11 Veteran award, Kenneth Goodrich sponsors Son of a Gun, a scholarship awarded to students born to families in the air conditioning industry.

Throughout his career, Kenneth Goodrich has learned that people coming out of the military make competent HVAC professionals. Therefore, the veterans’ award creates an opportunity for startups in the HVAC industry to thrive. According to Goodrich, the awards benefits are significant. He added that the award would be given to the veteran students in HVAC yearly. Dennis Soukup, the head of applied science department at Southern Nevada College based the award benefits on a personal experience and found that it helped fresh graduates to thrive. When leaving school, Mr. Soukup could only afford bolts, nuts, and screwdrivers; however, with Goodrich’s award, startups in the HVAC industry can use expensive tools.

Hughes, a North California native served in the U.S. Navy as a cook for seven years. Nonetheless, he excelled at the two-year air conditioning course and now works at a local HVAC company. Nick Hughes appreciates Kenneth Goodrich’s scholarship saying that it supports veterans to take on their next career steps with ease. Kenneth Goodrich attributes his career success to Goettl. Therefore, he takes pride in investing in the HVAC industry.

Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 by two brothers, Gust and Adam Goettl. The firm left Southern Nevada in 2007 as a result of the Great Recession. In 2013, Kenneth Goodrich acquired the air conditioning company and opened a branch in his homeland of Las Vegas where his love for Goettl’s products started. Goodgame became fascinated with the subject of air conditioning as a youth. In fact, he would accompany his father on evening calls to install and repair air conditioners.

Securus vs Global Tel-Link — Securus Wins With Video Visitation

I come from a pretty rough neighborhood, and I know a few guys who have been to jail. Some of these guys were really close to me. I’m not here to talk about what they did, or why they went to jail. I am here to talk about the telecommunications companies that board over these prisons.

It’s pretty disgusting. A certain telecommunications company is given a government contract to be the only provider of telecommunications services for that facility. If you’re lucky, the prison you are trying to call will be serviced by Securus. If you are unlucky, that prison will be serviced by Global Tel-Link.

Global Tel-Link is the absolute worst. These guys force you to set up an account over the phone, charging for putting money into that account, and the cost of their telephone calls are outrageous. A 10-minute phone call costs over 10 bucks. In the call quality is absolutely miserable.

Securus is the absolute best. They not only have crystal-clear call quality, they offer something called video visitation. It’s like a video chat that gets beamed directly into the prison. I can talk to all my guys.

No joke, each video visitation costs about $2.72. And I did a little bit of reading online to find out that Securus connects almost 200,000 people per month with this technology. That adds up to over 2 million video visitations per year.

When I was doing my research, I found out that Securus is trying to get the word out about video visitation. This service is so good that Global Tel-Link is actually spreading rumors about it. They see that people are forced to use video visitation instead of personally visiting the prison. This just isn’t true. People are choosing video visitation because it’s cheap, reliable, and awesome.

Securus Technologies does it again. This company makes communications between inmates and their loved ones efficient, safe, and affordable. One of their latest technologies, video visitation, is a game changer for a variety of different reasons.


Various studies show that when a prisoner can communicate with the outside world, that prisoner is much less likely to commit future crimes. This Securus Technologies innovation is literally making the community safer. It is doing so by being so easy to use.


The user only needs to set up an account online. If the user is not familiar with technology, then they can call their industry-leading customer service center. The center fields over 2 million calls per month and resolves over 99% of issues on the first call.


The account is self-explanatory. The user can simply request a video visitation time through the account. The request is then sent to the prison for approval. Once approved, the user is notified immediately.


The video visit starts when the user logs back into their account at the appropriate time. The cost of the service is about $2.72 per visit. Securus connects over 160,000 video visits per month. That adds up to over 2 million video visits per year. And that number continues to grow as time goes on.


Those are all the benefits to the user. Let’s now focus on the benefits for law enforcement.


Securus operates telecommunications services for 178 facilities in the country. With 2 million the less physical visits per year, the technology relieves congestion in overcrowded prisons. The software also takes care of scheduling so prison personnel can focus on more pressing matters. The need for security during visits is also diminished with this technology. And while it is designed to bring families together, it will never replace physical visitation. It is just a good option for everyday communication.