Mark Ahn Paving the Way for Biotechnology in America

Mark Ahn, PhD. is an academic professor with over 50 publications on varied important topics ranging from project management to biopharmaceutical innovation and its commercialization. Throughout his amazing career in biotechnology the young professor and CEO has continued his education both as a student and a professor. He successfully balanced and leveraged his knowledge and experience in business in exceptional advisory and board roles for both startups and large corporations. He has thus become a powerful force in both the academic world and the business world, especially in biotech investment.

Education Background

Mark Ahn received his BA and MBA from Chaminade University in Hawaii and obtained a Rotary International Graduate Fellowship in Economics for the University of Essex. He followed this up with another MA in Classics from Victoria University. He earned his PhD in Business Administration from the University of South Australia where he did his dissertation on Enhancing Strategic Management for Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies in China.

Dr. Ahn Authors 50 Plus Scientific Journal Articles and Books
Dr. Ahn is the author of over 50 highly respected journal articles and books writing as a doctor, including Building the Case for Biotechnology. His numerous works were generally related to innovation, entrepreneurship and life sciences and they have been published in many journals and books for scientific peer review. Ahn currently sits on the board of various startup and established companies including corporations Plasmtech and Immusoft, which is mentioned on his website.

Other Contributions to Science and Industry

Mark J. Ahn is a remarkably young man with amazing foresight, and is connected to 27 board memberships in 4 different organizations across 10 individual industries! He also is reported to have 18 other major affiliations in either academia or business.
Ahn has taught at a number of highly respected institutions all around the world. At Victoria University, he was professor of Science & Technology Entrepreneurship with a joint appointment from the faculties of Commerce & Administration and Science. He held this position until moving his family to Portland where in 2014 Dr. Ahn currently teaches as an adjunct professor at Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon.

When a mind such as his matures into an innovative scientist and technological powerhouse with affiliations in Commerce and Administration as well, that development should be of importance to the doctors researching intellect and high achieving DNA with parental backgrounds.

Is he aspiring to become Bill Gates of Pharmaceuticals, or indeed, does Dr. Ahn have aspirations at this point in his achievements? We’ll have to follow on Twitter to see where Dr. Ahn’s career takes him.

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