Skout Gaining Popularity as a Social Media Platform

Skout is a fun dating and social networking app and website that was first started in 2007. The mobile phone app for their service is location based in that it uses the GPS capabilities in smart phones to enable people to find others who are in the same city, town or neighborhood. With millions of users in 180 countries, and availability in 14 languages, just about anyone should be able to find someone in their area through this app, whether they use the app on PC or on their phones..

Skout does everything possible to offer a safe and fun resource through which people can get to know each other and perhaps meet if they hit it off and find they have common interests. Typically, a person will have their photo up on Skout and a profile that others can read to learn more about them including their interests. To provide for optimal safety, the location part of the app does not give one’s exact location through the GPS on their smart phone and people can disable this GPS feature altogether, from what the company has said on Twitter. If you find that another user on the service is sending messages or pictures you do not want to see, Skout enables you to block such users. Once a user blocks another person neither of them can see the other one on the service. On Skout, each user has control over their profile and over whom they wish to interact with. The service also has completely separate social networks for teens and adults.

Skout enables people to interact with each other in a few different ways. Users can send chat messages which can include emoticons or emojis. If a person reads a profile of someone who interests them, they can also send them a voice message or even a picture taken from their camera or a gallery, when connected to Fuse. If they like someone they can send them a virtual gift through Skout using their currency called points and if the points are running low they buy new one’s or even earn free points.

Users of this service are able to see if someone has read their message yet. If a user wants to talk to someone right now, they can use Skout’s “Shake to Chat” feature. This would connect them to others who are also ‘shaking’ their phones at the same time.

This handy little social networking and dating app comes with other nifty little features that are offered on a premium basis that a user would have to purchase with points. One such service is the ability to virtually travel abroad and meet people in another city. This fun little excursion is called “Skout Travel”. One can take off on a virtual trip anytime by clicking on the airplane icon on the apps Meet page and it will only cost 100 points. For 150 points a user can unlock a feature called “Who Checked Me Out” for 24 hours. This enables one to see who else on Skout has looked at their profile. When trying to meet new people, it certainly helps to know if people they are interested in, may have a similar interest in them, and that’s what’s led to so many successful friendships.

Whether one is looking for new friends, romance or simply to get out and network in a new town you just moved into, the Skout app has something to offer for just about anyone.

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