T-Mobile 100 Mbps 4G Wideband LTE Mobile Broadband Goes Live

T-Mobile proves once again that mobile broadband doesn’t have to be slow.

On Monday, T-Mobile announced that their new 100 Mbps mobile broadband service, dubbed Wideband LTE, would be going live in select markets, including New York City. Areas receiving access to the new higher speeds include Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island and parts of Northern New Jersey.

A large number of other metro areas also received the new roll out, although not every city served by 4G LTE is now on the 4G Wideband LTE.

It’s clear that mobile broadband will soon be able to compete with home based services directly. With fast speeds and greater mobility, the only thing holding back the mobile broadband markets at this point is accessibility and data restrictions.

Considering that broadband goliath Comcast has begun imposing data restrictions themselves, mobile broadband and home based services are sure to clash in the coming years. Either way, it’s nice to see more competition in the market. I’ll definitely be telling my T-Mobile wiz Sam Tabar about the news.

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