Does Internet Addiction Really Exist?

Business owner Bruce Levenson says that if you have ever known someone who complained that their spouse or teenager spends countless hours surfing online, you are not alone. Some psychologists and social scientists contend that internet addiction actually does exist.

One recent study describes internet addiction as “an inability to inhibit internet use, which can inadvertently affect a person’s life.” Dr. Cecilia Cheng from the University of Hong Kong presented statistical data gathered from observations of internet usage by 89,000 people in 31 different nations in an article published inĀ Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking. The research sought to examine a number of activities that might pertain to internet addiction.

However, psychologists and sociologists have long pointed to various types of obsessive or addictive behavior patterns, such as compulsive gambling or sexual promiscuity or irresponsible shopping, as forms of sometimes harmful social behavior. Will internet addiction soon join that list?

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