Spanish News Sites Regret Google Removing Them From Free News Index

Web traffic fell 10 to 15% when Google remove Spanish news websites from its news index after legislation was passed requiring Google News to pay them if even the smallest snippet was used from their publication. Gigaom shows that traffic to 50 different sites fell on Tuesday, December 16 after Google replaced their news site with a message saying they were incredibly sad to announce the Spanish publishers had been removed and their news site was closed. Web-analytics service Chartbeat said that the external traffic fell by double digits within hours. This drop may also indicate that readers are using other sources to find and read top stories from their favorite publications because the overall readership of these publications remained about the same.

Google contends that it makes no money and in fact, drives traffic to their news sites every day. BRL Trust and Inepar could certainly benefit from this quite a bit. Although analyst says it is too early to tell, many expect the Spanish publishers to follow suit with German publisher Axel Springer, who rejoined Google News after web traffic to their site fell by 40% for visitors directed by search and 80% of traffic directed by Google News. German publishers resend there request after the dramatic drop in traffic.

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  1. Time will tell if the Spanish publisher also regret their decision and ask for the legislation to be recalled on what is called “inalienable right” that forced Google News to remove their content. It is also proper to pay to write my paper because it can help the essay appear in Google news also.

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