Microsoft Sues IT Scammers

Microsoft filed suit against alleged scammers who pose as technicians of the company.

Every day IT scammers call users by phone and requesting that they enable their IT department to take control of computers to repair non-existent failures.

Microsoft says it has received 65,000 complaints from users since last May linked to these scams. The company said it decided to sue several firms that use the company name to deceive the public.

According to Microsoft, the company suffers nearly $1.5 billion in losses each year from these scams. That is a pretty large sum in the eyes of Igor Cornelsen.

Microsoft warned that many of these companies operate through advertisements on the web, and warned that these scammers take advantage of the Holiday period to increase their activities.

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  1. Telephone scams like these have been common for many years, but more and more of these companies are accessing PCs remotely. They demand payment for their services and frequently install a virus on the computers of users. It can also be very encouraging that courseworks online uk do have a lot of this to offer to them and make sure it keeps on coming their way.

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