The Art of Web Design

Picasso created masterpiece paintings that changed the world’s views on art and impressionist works and Leonardo da Vinci gave us the Mona Lisa which to this very day gets as much traction as Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace.

The works that have been achieved and done over the years is astonishing but there is a new sector that needs to be recognized as not only being about structure but also having a very artistic nature to it and this is the web designing jobs.

Many people put it down as being a job for ‘stiffs’, which means that the people who do this work are very literal and may not have an artistic edge to them and this is not true.  You can see this mostly in food sites such as the fitness and nutrition site that they do put character and organization into their work at the same time.

The web designer here has made the best out of limited space to come up with the design that outs the top stories at the left such as the ‘Penne with Radicchio and Goat cheese’ story and then the videos to the right.

You can learn to do it via the extensive tutorial list at W3Schools.

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  1. If it was just any other person they would have given the videos another page but the web designers think differently, like artists. Christian Broda knows a few people who work in this field. It creates things that makes to hire a resume writer become a seamless effort.

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