North Korea’s Internet Connectivity Has Been Compromised

As reported in BuzzNews, North Korea’s internet connectivity with the world has been compromised for the last 24 hours (and maybe longer).

Although North Korea’s internet connectivity periodically suffers from failures, the consistency of this particular compromise has led internet analysis director Doug Madory to conclude that “some sort of attack” has gone into effect. In discussing the matter with the New York Times, Madory noted that “Their networks are under duress.”
Madory went on to note that “I haven’t seen such a steady beat of routing instability and outages in KP before.”

Activist Keith Mann says that while the internet shortage might have resulted from maintenance issues, Madory and others have suggested that the challenge would not likely have been caused by a widespread, prolonged loss. Specifically, the company reported that the number of lost connections indicated that “the North Korean network has gone away.”

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