Technology Untamed


Necessity truly is the mother of invention especially in these trying times we are in where we have to adapt or we will not be able to survive. Ben Shaoul, the 30-year old New York real-estate sensation got his start by renovating spaces himself because he could not afford contractors. The bottom line, as The New York Observer puts it-is all about determination and making it work. Another kind of go-getter, Les Baugh can tell you about this bottom line too.

40 years ago however was a very hard time to have such a catastrophe happen to you because at that time, technology was not at an all-time high as it is today, and so getting by was obviously somewhat difficult but with the changing times came new possibilities.

With these discoveries, Les Baugh and the John Hopkins University of Applied Physics was able to change his life for the better. The man is now able to wear and control two robotic arms just with his mind and this ability is a true leap in the technological advancement, and one that had to come sooner or later.

It is very encouraging to see that losing your body parts is not a permanent thing necessarily, and that it will only get better with time; who knows what technology will bring next.

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