My Opinion: Let’s Hope that there is No Life in the “Goldilocks Zone”


Astronomers recently announced to Lee G. Lovett and others that they have found evidence of eight more planets in outer space that are in the so-called “Goldilocks Zone” of not being too hot or too cold to support life similar to life on Earth. Astronomers used the Keplar telescope to find these far away planets. They stressed that, while they haven’t found life on any of these planets yet, the possibility of life on one or any number of them does exist. One of the planets has average temperatures around zero degrees Fahrenheit and another around 140.

While many are excited that we may be sharing the universe with life like us, I don’t see how this could be a good thing. Humans from different cultures have enough trouble getting along right here on earth, and I’m guessing that it would be even harder for humans to get along with beings from other planets. I’m thinking that any meeting between humans and intelligent alien life is going to end up as badly as when Cortez meet the Aztecs. It’s likely to be a dangerous and violent clash that we can’t prepare for since we have no idea what to expect.

Don’t get my wrong, I’ve got nothing against life on another planets, assuming it’s actually there. I just don’t want life on earth to come out the loser if we ever make contact.

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