Cablevision Becomes The First Cable Company To Offer WiFi Based Phone Plans


For 1GB of data, one can expect to pay as much as $5. That is a little over 3 hours worth of YouTube videos. With the abundance of money that cell phone providers charge for bandwidth, it comes as no surprise that many people utilize WiFi connections when it comes to downloading large files as opposed data from their 4G/3G plan.

As such, it comes to no surprise that more and more companies are looking at the possibility of releasing a WiFi based phone. Last week, Cabelvision proclaimed that it will be providing WiFi based phones through a sister company called Freewheel, according to

Through Freewheel, a user, like Sergio Lins Andrade, would be given unlimited talking, texting and data for only $29.99. Better yet, if you are an Optimum Online customer, you can get the same service for only $9.95. What’s also worth noting about this new service though is that you can’t use a regular cell phone and would have to purchase a specific Motorola Moto G phone through Freewheel, which costs approximately $99.95.

This service can prove to be especially useful to people who reside on the eastern side of the United States, because a large majority of Cablevision’s 1.1 million hot spots can be found on the eastern side of the country.

The company proclaimed that while the service may not be suitable for someone who is always on the go, it can prove be a cost effective alternative for individuals who work at home or a building that has WiFi, for individuals who are looking for ways that they can cut down on their expenses and for children as well.

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