Some Facts You Never Knew About Qnet

Qnet is the main subsidiary of QI group and was founded by Vijay Aswaran in the year 1998. It is among the most successful direct selling companies which boast of obtaining a huge market share in over 160 countries. The company started as GoldQuest where it specialized in making numismatic coins. It later invested in the travel and vacations where it partnered with QVI Club brand holidays. Currently, Qnet offers a wide variety of products which are made to improve the lives of different people. Through its specialized management, the company has managed to garner more support and a huge client base in many countries. It is definitely among companies to watch this year as more is expected from them in terms of growth and expansion.

Through the multi-level marketing strategy of the company, it has managed to reach more people thereby making more profits in the process. This can be seen as a good strategy for both the company and those interested in working with them. For instance, through the MLM strategy, you are guaranteed to receive compensation upon completion of a process that will attract more customers through your efforts. It can be classified among the best employees in the business world.

Also, you may note some achievements that Qnet has embraced over the last few years. They were awarded the New CaseTrust Accreditation Mark. This can be termed as an achievement considering that there were 13 other such companies but they managed to rank among the best direct selling firms. Qnet has also managed to perform so well due to their well spelt code of ethics which every member has to follow to the letter. This simply explains why they have managed to emerge triumphant despite a number of impediments. Getting accredited means Qnet is forming major partnerships, and is responding to consumer needs and is ready to protect consumers from unnecessary practices that may amount to breach of health and safety requirements.

The products manufactured by Qnet range from wellness items, beauty products as well as jewelry. Despite many challenges, Qnet has invested heavily in a bid to get their own products to the market. The company foresees a great future where they will be able to consolidate a manufacturing base in India and some other parts of the world depending on their market. Their vision is to produce products that add value to not only the company’s operations but also to the consumers. And this is a goal that is fast reaching completion.

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