Belgian Inventor Makes Real-Life Tricorder


A Belgian entrepreneur, Walter De Brouwer, has invented a real-life tricorder. He had been working on it for ten years after his son, who was then five years old, was hospitalized after a fall. He commented that the experience taught him how hospitals work — and don’t work. He derived further inspiration from one of his favorite T.V. shows: Star Trek.

He called his device the Scanadu Scout, after the legendary city Xanadu described in Samuel Coleridge’s poetry.Scanadu is also the name of his company. The device is small, white and round. The patient places it on their forehead, and its sensors pick up their heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen level. It also gives a complete ECG reading. It then sends the data to a smartphone app for Android and iPhone stated Paul Mathieson on the project.

De Brouwer got funding for the project through Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site. He sent his backers the first Scouts in January. After the FDA approves it, it will become publically available. His backers, in the meantime, will test the Scanadu Scout.

De Brouwer is also working on a device called the Scanaflo, which will be a urine test kit that can be used at home. It will check the levels of glucose, protein, blood, and other things in people’s urine.

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