Image Recognition: When a Computer Has Eyes

Mobile technology and the Internet have vastly changed the way we live our every day lives. From being able to instantly find places to eat within your neighborhood and locating people with similar interests as you by simply touching your finger to your phone has pushed us into an age where we expect instant gratification, and the ability to constantly improve the way we live.

Image recognition software is just another step in this evolution.

Look Through the Eyes of A Computer: All About Image Recognition

Imagine being able to snap a picture of something with your smartphone and having it analyzed by software to immediately tell you what it is. Does you car have a dent that needs to be fixed? How much could you get that pair of shoes for in a different store?

Image recognition software is making all of these technological fantasies become realities. In short, image recognition software acquires an image by taking a picture and then allows the computer to analyze the image to determine exactly what it is. Similar to what your eyes do for your brain, the image recognition software sees the image and the computer analyzes it and determines what it is.

What is Image Recognition Software Currently Being Used For?

This type of software is being used in a variety of ways:

  • License Plate Matching – Police departments currently deploy this type of software to match license plates with databases. It helps them recover stolen vehicles and determine if any parked cars have outstanding parking tickets.
  • Face Recognition – Have you ever uploaded a picture to Facebook and tagged someone? This is known as facial recognition software. The software can differentiate people by comparing various parts of the face.
  • Shopping and Pricing – Shopping has become an almost instantaneous experience. Image recognition now allows people to snap pictures of items they like and then search for prices and compare with other similar items on their smartphones.

Slyce: The Revolution Behind the Software

Slyce is an innovative software company that is taking image recognition to the next step.

From Snap to Buy software that allows users to take pictures and immediately search for prices to physical advertising recognition that focuses on digitally printing large scale billboards and marketing materials from a simple mobile photo, Slyce is making it easier for people to complete simple tasks on a daily basis.

The future of mobile technology is image recognition. Soon, people will be able to get estimates on fixing a car with the swipe of a finger or get input from a doctor about a medical issue without leaving the comfort of their own home.

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