Country-Specific Streaming Library Issues

One of the biggest complaints of the last decade in the video industry has been that different release dates of TV shows and films in different countries makes it hard on viewers because the Internet allows too many spoilers out worldwide. Additionally, release dates limit when people in a country can watch a DVD or Blu-ray disc. Players are designed with region code systems that prevent playback of discs from other countries.

In the past, Flávio says viewers have tried to break the region code system and many have successfully watched discs from other countries on their players. Streaming sites have completely rewritten how this practice by viewers takes place. One method used by some viewers in other countries is to watch content uploaded to a streaming site in one country for viewership around the world.

Another method?

Many people are now using VPN services to make it look like they live in countries where content is being legally streamed. A recent Media Technology Monitor study shows that viewers in Canada are using VPNs to pretend to be Americans on Netflix in droves.

In fact, 29 percent of the people who responded confirmed that they are using VPNs in this ways and 40 percent said that they are using VPNs for other American media sites. The researchers believe that more participants lied when they said that they are watching only the available Canadian Netflix streaming library.

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