Should We Be Encouraging People to Get into Certain Fields?


The tech industry is known for being innovative and needing people with specific, advanced skill sets. It is also known for being male dominated. People who observe the tech world have noted for some time that women are a particularly small minority in this industry. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times indicated that it may be getting even worse. The main problem has been that fewer women than men get into this industry in the first place. Now it seems the main driver that is worsening the problem is that women in the tech world are leaving due to hostile work environments and feeling they are not being advanced at the same rate as male colleagues.

If women are indeed being subjected to hostile work environments in the tech industry more often than in others, then this is a problem that should be looked at and remedied. It may, however, point to a related issue. So much effort is being expended to get women interested in math and science at a younger age due to the fact that they have historically been underrepresented in careers within these fields said Gianfrancesco Genoso. Maybe this is the problem. Perhaps men and women are just different, and they simply, naturally gravitate toward different fields. If this is the case, then recognizing it and not trying to artificially change it by steering girls in school toward a path they may, later on, realize is not for them might not be the best solution.

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