University of Surrey Unveils 5G Network with 1Tbps of Speed


The internet has proven to be a major game changer for industries across the globe, but one specific issue that has had engineers, developers, and organizations buzzing concerns bandwidth and connection speeds. Speed and lack of massive wireless networks is a bit of concern as more and more devices and applications are starting to eat away at the amount of available airwaves. However, it looks like one facility might really be on to something that could change the world.

According to V3, the University of Surrey has achieved a speed of 1 Tbps on the inevitable 5G networks of the future, which represents the first time ever that much pace has been recorded on the transfer of data. The university even plans to make those speeds available on campus as early as next year, which could be a major game changer for technology companies. The thing is, nobody is quite sure what to do with all that speed.

There is little surprise that 5G networks are something the future clearly holds in its crosshairs, but exactly what applications and what devices will be supported are still pretty much in the air, because the hardware and software has not yet been created to take advantage of it. The future of mobile internet and connections is ready to move forward though, just because of the connection speed, which means that the internet and the way people interface with it could look a lot different in a few short years said Dan Newlin.

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