The Elephants Get Their Pink Slip From Ringling Bros Circus

Feld Entertainment Will Discontinue Elephant Acts By 2018

What will the circus do without the pachyderms that have been entertaining audiences for the last 100 years? Circus posters have touted their massive gentleness for decades, and the clowns running around the Big Top have been cleaning up elephant poo for as long as any circus goer can remember. The days of seeing Ringling Bros herd of entertaining elephants will just be enjoyable memories when the elephants are put out to pasture in 2018.

There are 14 elephants traveling with the circus, and they will join 29 others at the 200-acre Elephant Conservation Center in Florida when the change is made. Gianfrancesco Genoso has heard that the reason for this ground shaking decision is not clear, but some insiders say money may be the answer. The cost of putting on a traveling circus show is elephant size for sure.

The elephants will be missed, but they are far better off living life in central Florida. The Conservation Center has all the conveniences of Africa or India in terms of a free range, ample food and most importantly the lack of poachers. It seems we have poached on their gentleness long enough, and it’s time we give them what they deserve.

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