Amazon Expand Its One-Hour Delivery Service

Amazon has expanded its one hour delivery service to include Miami and Baltimore. The service was previously only available in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but the company had promised to bring it to other cities soon.” It looks lie soon has finally arrived. If you’re not familiar, Amazon Prime Now works almost identically to Amazon prime expect yore able to get your order now.

Sergio Cortes ( has found that orders are made from a limited inventory. While that inventory still includes most of the same things that you would find on Amazon regularly, it’s limited by what items Amazon currently has in stock in its local warehouse. Once you make an order, its shipped out to your location almost immediately. You should receive it in less than two hours, one hour when everything is going as planned.

In Baltimore, deliveries can be scheduled anytime between 8am and 10pm, and are available for everyone who has an exiting Amazon Prime subscription. If you want to guarantee your package will arrive in one hour rather than two, you can guarantee the delivery for an additional $7.99, however, the on-hour service is only available in a few select zip codes, so you can’t get that promise everywhere.

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