Finding Your Perfect Bottle of Wine

When sourcing for a rare wine that will hit the palate perfectly, knowing where to look can be the hardest part. The Antique Wine Company, based in London, has become known for sourcing rare wines for their clients since 1982. Having over 10,000 bottles of fine and rare wines from around the world sets the company apart and allows them to cater to a wide range of clientele. Breaking records for rare and valuable bottles of wine is normal for the company with the latest record setter being sold for £75,000.

Knowing good wine is an art form that The Antique Wine Company has become a master of.
Next to knowing who to ask for help, is knowing what you’re looking for. Some wines are sweet, others are dry. Some have strong, bold flavors while others have mild or fruity essences. It’s all about production, season, grape variety, and passion. It is best to attend tasting events, vineyard tours, and even schedule a private master class. These types of activities bring out the awareness of what you want, and how to find it. If the wine in mind is not found easily, at least the wines that are not wanted are discovered and forever marked off the list.

The master classes will allow you to experience variety and in-depth knowledge about the flavors and techniques that will peak interest and spark questions. This helps narrow the search, knowing what to look for and what to shy away from. Not everyone likes a rich, red wine. Knowing that will knock out the least likely-contenders and leave more time searching for the winner.

Enjoying a fine wine that has been sought after for a while is a reward like none other. Experience the fruits of your labor and let The Antique Wine Company source your next favorite bottle.

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