Trevor Noah Runs Into Buzz Saw of U.S. Social Media


Days following the announcement that South African Comedian Trevor Noah would replace Jon Stewart as the host on the Daily News Show, which airs on Comedy Central, the social media has been a buzz with sharpened blades regarding the decision to select Noah. South African Funny Man Not So Funny To American Social Media

Many have criticized Noah’s brand of humor has being to raced base and anti semitic. Noah, who was born in South Africa to a black South African woman and a white Swiss man has used his own racial experiences growing up in the Apartheid system of government sponsored race separation as material for his comic routines. This has given him a unique insight into race relations and how people interact with each other around the world within their varied cultures.

Many who have heard or seen Noah’s performances will attest that Noah is a not only a comic force but he is a comic genius. While many comics today use profanity as a key part of their punch line said Sam Tabar, Noah uses an intellectual approach that taps into the common actions of everyday people interacting within their culture. PR Newswire reported it is this insight which raises Noah’s brand of comedy to a new level and which many may not understand. Noah does not make fun of any one ethnic group, but he tugs at the silly threads of all people and what makes us tick.

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