I Used Skout To Find A Friend In Trinidad

I live on the island of Grand Cayman, and I’m temporarily working here. Although my time on the island is limited, I still want to enjoy myself while I’m here. I plan on leaving Grand Cayman, and I’m going to the island of Trinidad. Trinidad is having a carnival that goes on every year, and the carnival is the biggest thing in the Caribbean. I planned on going to the carnival, and I’m spending at least one month in Trinidad. Before I decided to go to Trinidad for the first time, I wanted to get to know some people there. One way I thought of meeting people in Trinidad is by using the Skout network. 

Skout is in over 180 countries, and the network supports 14 different languages. Because Skout is such a diverse network, it allows people from many countries to speak with each other. I made it a point to go on Skout, and I looked for people in the area of Trinidad that I’d be going to. I wanted to meet a nice young woman that would take me around, and she’d show me the fun that Trinidad had to offer. Since I was already a member of Skout, all I had to do was a specific search. 

I was very excited to start searching for a friend. I was able to find a great looking girl that really caught my eye. The girl said she worked for a hotel that the carnival will be passing by. I was excited to know that someone would be able to give me in-depth information about Trinidad. Every time I had free time, I would go on Skout and speak with this lady. After chatting, sending greetings, and communicating through Skout, we decided it was time to speak on the phone. Calling another Caribbean island is not very cheap, so we only spoke once in a while.

We kept most of our communications online through Skout as it was cheaper to communicate this way. I told her when I would be coming to her island, and we made arrangements to meet with each other. If it wasn’t for using the Skout network, I never would’ve found this girl or be able to talk to her. I’m excited to go to carnival in Trinidad, and I’m also very excited to meet my new friend. I’ll be leaving Grand Cayman soon, and I couldn’t be more excited. Find more about Skout on their Twitter page.

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