No Fighting Over Food

 Have you ever gotten so angry over someone taking the last piece of food that you felt like hitting them? Well, a New Jersey man acted on his rage and someone ended up calling the police.

Mr. Bacon, a nineteen year old, beat his friend because the other man took the last piece of sausage. Can you believe that?
Hopefully, you have never gone so far as to actually hurt someone when they took the last piece of food. It isn’t worth it. Mr. Bacon beat the other man pretty badly over the last piece of sausage. I wonder what he would have done if it had been bacon that they had been fighting over, instead?
Mr. Bacon better have learned his lesson this time. Fighting over sausage – or over any food – isn’t worth it. Amen Clinics workers think it is just silly. The man is due in court next month for his fit of rage over the last piece of sausage, with more information available here.

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