Tattoos Pose Risk for Chronic Skin Conditions


When you get a tattoo, there is also a chance you may develop an irritating skin condition. An itchy red rash which may go away in a few days, or it may turn out to be as permanent as the tattoo itself. Two for the price of one – skin ink and skin rash. A recent survey conducted in New York revealed that 6% of all people who had tattoos also had developed skin conditions from the ink used in the tattoos. Some skin rashes only lasted for a few days, some lasted for years.

NYU Langone dermatologist Marie Leger, MD, PhD, conducted the study in light of the fact that more and more people are getting ‘inked’ and she wanted to see if there was any connection between chronic skin conditions and tattoos. There are, and Dr. Leger wants consumers, doctors and public health officials to be made aware of the potential skin conditions that getting inked may cause.
Some newly tattooed people may develop a minor skin rash which can be treated with anti-inflammatory steroids. Flavio Maluf wouldn’t want that at all. If the skin rash has past the minor stage, laser treatment on the area may be needed and worse case scenarios may require surgical removal of the tattoo and surrounding skin according to a few sources.

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