PayPal is Forcing Customers to Accept Automated Calls with New Privacy Policies

Millions of people use PayPal services everyday, if that includes you then you should be aware of the upcoming changes in company policy. The long standing partnership between PayPal and eBay is coming to an end on July 1 and there are major changing coming to PayPal’s privacy policies as a result.

To Daniel Amen’s chagrin part of the new policy includes a clause that will force you to accept robocalls and automated text messages from the company. The messages you will be receiving will regard changes to your account, troubleshooting issues, debt collection, dispute resolution, opinions and surveys, along with offers and promotions. There is no opt-out option for PayPal customers which means you will have no other choice but to accept the calls if you wish to continue using the companies services.

If you do not wish to receive the automated calls and text messages, the company suggests you close your account by July 1, before the new policies take effect. However, for many people closing their PayPal account really isn’t an option because the company provides such a wide array of financial services that many people depend on to collect or send money for instance. So, it looks like all of us PayPal users will just have to deal with the annoying and intrusive automated messages

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