Brian Bonar: Qualities of a Good Financial Officer

Every investment, whether a middle class company, partnership or even a sole business, the financial department is crucial. The financial department will form the basis of the company’s growth, in a negative or positive way. With every investor looking forward to maximize the profits, there is need to have not only the right and appropriate financial personnel’s but also the best finical strategies. Management of finances is, therefore, very essential towards the progress of every investment. Continue reading to know more about what you ought to look for when selecting a financial officer.


  • You should look for officers who are well experienced in the field of finance. Experience in this case is important as finances will be properly handled eliminating any case of mismanagement.
  • It’s also crucial to find out about the officer’s past reputation. A financial officer who has good reputation can be trusted to conduct any managerial and financial services within the firm without a lot of supervision.
  • Having relevant knowledge and skills in finances is also another trait that one should look for in financial personnel. With relevant skills, there is the guarantee that the officer can handle, allocate and manage the finances appropriately.


About Brian Bonar


Brian Bonar is the CEO of imaging Technologies Corporation. Besides that, he is the leading developer of color management software and an integrator and service organizer for digital imaging hardware. When Brian Bonar served in TRUCEPT, INC as the President, Chief Executive and Financial Officer, he was able to make an average of $860,571 relating to compensation. However, narrowing down the total compensation, the amount that was received as the salary amounted to $360,000. Stock options and bonuses never received even a single buck. In relation to the total compensation, during the era in which Brian Bonar served as a chief financial officer, an amount of $500,571 was gained as the contribution of other compensation types.

Brian Bonar has served in different companies during his past working course. Some of the companies that he has worked for include Bezier Systems Inc, Adaptec Inc and Raster Corporation. In addition to that, he has worked under different designations including Worldwide Sales and Marketing vice president and Degrade Financial Corporation Board chairman and Chief Operating Officer.

As depicted by Mr. Brian Bonar (PRNewsWire), a financial officer who plays their role appropriately is an asset to any firm and business. However, for the success of the firm, the financial personnel must have some qualities; be experienced, have the relevant skills and a good past work reputation.


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