Business Owner Joseph Bismark Reflects on the Keys to His Success in New Blog


In the world today, there is a stereotype about business men being heartless and greedy. I don’t know any wealthy business owners personally, but I’m sure that while that may be true for some, there are many decent people who own a business or have a high leadership position in a business. That’s why it’s always good when I come across proof of a person in the business world who is genuinely nice and encouraging others that the best way to a successful business is to treat your employees with respect. I recently came across Joseph Bismark’s blog where he is doing just that.

In a recent post, Bismark gives his tips for business leaders. He says we need to train our minds to always think positively and to always treat your employees and co-workers the same way you want to be treated. Don’t just focus on the business, but get to know the people you work with on a personal level by “asking about their family and ambitions.” Communication is extremely important in any relationship including business relationships. Bismark makes several comments about communication. He advises employers to be open and honest with their employees because they can tell if you are keeping secrets. Honesty leads to trust and everyone wants to work with people that they can trust. If you think they will be upset with a certain piece of news, don’t hide it; instead, take a few moments to think of a way to say it that will motivate them. He also encourages networking face to face instead of online as much as possible.

Bismark believes that good leaders don’t just make commands; they need to be role models and set an example by showing the same work ethic that they expect in their employees.

He also is a strong supporter of carving your own path and not just blindly following what others are doing. Part of doing that is to always have goals you are working toward. “Without ambition, actions are directionless and there is no purpose to them,” Bismark explains.

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