The Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a philanthropist, a published author, a public speaker and an entrepreneur based in California. He was raised in a town called Teaneck in New Jersey. Out of passion, he started programming computers in a fourth-grade and consequently set up a database computer firm in high school. I 1984, he began his studies at Harvard University where he majored in American Literature and English. It is at this particular time that he wrote a column for ‘Harvard Crimson’ while taking classes at a neighboring school MIT. He later graduated in the year 1988.

In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles. He was the founder of People Doing Things, a company that attended to education, health care and other issues by using technology. Three years later, he established Interactive Digital Evolution that later merged with a US Interactive LCC. Pulier championed the building of a private social network for children with chronic illnesses called Star Bright World where they can post content, chat, blog and meet other people with similar experiences.

Pulier is renown as the founder of numerous ventures that includes media platform, Akana, Desk tone and several others. He has raised billions for the ventures he has co-founded or founded. He is also a co-author of Understanding Enterprise SOA that is a noted piece of writing on Service-oriented architecture. He is also known for his donations to several not-for-profit organizations and is a sitting board member of the X-Prize Foundation.

Besides, Pulier has significantly invested in charitable organizations and venture capital funds. The venture capital funds include e-Companies, Monitor Ventures and Trident Capital and recently, a new company in alliance with the most notable names in the industry of Technology.

He is also an investor in quite a lot of seed level startups in technology and the media, with a good number of which was financed successfully. Pulier was also chosen to build and run the ‘bridge to 21st century’ for US President Bill Clinton and Vice President Gore to commemorate their inauguration. The event took place at a Washington Mall that was attended by several thousands of people including the members of the senate, congress and also the US Supreme Court. Pulier was featured on every news station in America.

Pulier also went down to history when he arranged the unprecedented showcase for an event dubbed as ‘a live-feed from the Space Shuttle’ where he expertly provided long real-time interactions with the shuttle astronauts. After the event, Pulier remained involved with Al Gore and his team, working on technology and health committees. Mr. Pulier made history when he was live-interviewed by Vice President Gore on the stage.

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