Showcasing Good Wikipedia Editing Manners

It is almost hard to measure how many people rely upon the work that Wikipedia is constantly doing. The worlds largest online encyclopedia has been functioning and changing how we perceive education for over a decade and since then it has accrued millions upon millions of pages of data. This data is constantly being updated, altered, changed, and removed in real time as new information is released. TO keep up with the constantly evolving times, Wikipedia is forced to ’employ’ a gigantic volunteer work force. At the time of this Wikipedia writing service has over 25 million registered accounts (numbers courtesy of GetYourWiki). Now obviously most of those accounts are inactive, but the thousands upon thousands that are active are the ones who keep Wikipedia going. So in order to maintain the legitimacy of the website all editors need to follow some simple rules in regards to manners on site.

All editors must work together.
Editing on Wikipedia is a collaborative effort due to the nature of the software and the nature of the actual work itself. Editors must get comfortable editing someone’s content without offending them but also doing it with the intention of improving the information therein. Often when editors see their work changed they can feel offended and lashed out, which is not how the Wikipedia editing process works. Clearly detail why an edit was made in order to assure other editors of its legitimacy.

Editors must maintain a neutral stance.
Editors are obviously real people with real biases and beliefs in certain situations, however these cannot be allowed to influence their writing on the website. Wikipedia is owned and operated under the idea that all information is equal and none of it should be editorialized. Editors who are too passionate and too biased in their writing will be asked to quit working on certain articles. SO in order to prevent this admittedly awkward situation, editors should try to avoid using editorializing language. Avoid strong adjectives and condemnations and instead focus simply on supplying the facts on site.

Editors should read the Manual of Style.
The Wikipedia Manual of Style is the editing bible that gives the rules and regulations that all Wikipedia volunteers must follow. This manual is hefty and protracted in length but it has all of the information that a new editor will need in order to succeed while working on the website. All editors are suggested to read and become familiar with the MoS.

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