Any Way You Slyce or Dice It Visual Search Engines are Grand

Humans are visual creatures. Over 60% have a learning modality of visual learning. As the Internet has developed it should not be surprising that the visual media component continues to develop. What has changed is as the programs become more sophisticated applications for the general public have developed. A company that has been on top that trend has been Slyce.


Slyce developed a visual relevancy product recognition. Its takes catalogue images and matches it to similar images across the Internet. When a person sees an item they may wish to buy they often list the visual attributes in their head. It has the color wanted, the size, look at the sole that would be comfortable, it has a stable heel for working and climbing ladders, and the rivets make it durable. Take a picture of the item or a billboard, drop in a Slyce search engine and it pulls up more information on the item or picture and can even generate a transaction.

Other Applications

What if instead of an individual a business uses the application? Businesses particularly in fashion industries have to keep abreast of the latest trends. Trends develop quickly and the lag time between trend discovery and getting inventory to a business can cost a business money. With a visual search engine like Slyce, a business owner in their ordinary life can spy an item. They take a pic and send to a search engine. Immediately the business owner can see with the web rankings if it is a new trend or fading trend, how many businesses have latched on to the item, what the niche markets are, and the availability for purchase whole sale. In that moment can enact a transaction to have the item whole sale shipped to their store. In small and medium cities it makes those businesses on the same playing field as major urban centers. Meaning instead of residents going to the big city to shop they can find the item locally and keep the money in that city’s coffers. This allows urban areas to do what they do best specialize, make boutiques, and locally flavored events of that city’s history, favorite foods, and local ways.

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