What is Product Recognition Exactly?

Search engines have not changed all that much. Sure, the way search engines function has improved in order to provide better search results, but for the most part, you still type in keywords into your search engine and then the search engine churns out results. It does not matter if it is a standard search feature, a video search, search for news, images or anything else. No matter what you are looking for, it all revolves around typing in the appropriate information into the Internet search. But shouldn’t there be a better way to find what you are looking for? There is, and it is all with the help of product recognition. This service makes shopping online far easier than ever before. In fact, all you need to do is upload an image and the product recognition is able to compare the uploaded image with a saved databank of product photographs. From there, it is all about offering up the very best search results without you ever needing to type in a single word or phrase.

Slyce is on the leading edge of helping bring product recognition to the forefront. While the major search engines have not embraced it yet, this is something that is taking on new shapes and is helping bring about a far easier way to look for products online. With the help of your cell phone camera or simply downloading an image off of the Internet, you have the power to track down exactly what it is you want and what it is you are looking for.

So, the product recognition service is rather straight forward. You need to start out with an image. You can snap a quality photograph with your cell phone that picks up detail on the product (blurry shots are going to make it difficult to cross reference everything) or you can download an image from a blog or other online service. From there, you are able to upload the image to the service. The service has an ever expanding databank of products that can be purchased from retailers around the world. It then takes key points of the product, such as color, design, fabric, cut and dozens of other variations you might typically overlook and then compare it with the images in its databanks. It can then bring up the best potential match for what you are looking for with the product recognition service.

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