New Ads In Brazil Are Targeting A Growing E-Commerce Market

The e-commerce sector of the Brazilian market is offering advertisers some hefty profits. According to a 2014 market analyst, the e-commerce sector in Brazil brought in an unprecedented R$ 35.8 billion in revenue. That was a 24 percent increase over 2013. Most of that increase was the result of some unique online ads by ad agencies and other companies in Brazil and around the world. By the end of 2015, e-commerce revenue will hit R$43 billion, and some ad executives like Cláudio Loureiro, the CEO of Heads Advertising say those number will continue to increase thanks to the innovative work of ad agencies all over Brazil. Loureiro’s company is the largest private ad agency in Brazil. Heads has a dedicated group that does nothing but e-commerce ads for their clients. Clients like 3M, Petrobras and other big name Brazilian companies use e-commerce to increase customer awareness as well as sales.

Wikipedia writes Brazilians have become accustom to shopping online. The benefits of shopping online outweigh the fear of credit card fraud and retail scams. Brazilian ads are helping reinforce that comfort level. Consumers are able to compare prices before they buy thanks to some of the ads plus they can buy anywhere if they have an internet connection. Advertisers in Brazil have taken advantage of the new telecommunications infrastructure. A number of new ads are geared toward attracting the new C-Class in Brazil, which is the up and coming middle class in the country. C-Class buyers were unable to buy goods and services in the past, but they can now thanks to more credit and better paying jobs.

Another statistic that advertisers in Brazil are using to develop ads for e-commerce trade is the fact that of the more than 51 million e-commerce consumers that purchased goods and services online in 2014, over 10 million of them were first time e-commerce shoppers. That number increased by more than a million in one year. That means the expected growth of e-commerce shoppers will continue to grow quickly thanks to ad creativity as well as the ability of country to expand broadband services throughout most of Brazil.

Adversities and ad agencies are providing online stores with new advertising platforms that target specific groups of online shoppers like new shoppers and seasoned veterans. Those ad platforms also take other pertinent information into account like gender, age, income and buying habits.

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