To The Health of Man’s Best Friend

We love our dogs; the way they love unconditionally. You walk through the door and they beam with excitement. They are a part of our homes and family, and we their pack. It doesn’t matter that we are bipedal and like vegetables and, say, cats. They love us anyway. They know when we are happy or sad, and they give accordingly. Our dogs valiantly protect us and our possessions. They are undoubtedly man’s best friend, and for good reason. As such, their health should be of prime importance to us.

Three Prime Steps to Health

1.) Regular exercise is critical to your dog’s health. How much exercise is necessary is based on the age, size and health of your particular dog. As a general rule, anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours a day should do the trick.

2.) Just like us, our buddies need a little preventive maintenance. Routine vet visits, at least once a year, should always be scheduled. More visits may be necessary at the early and late stages of your pet’s life, but regular check-ups should be a standard practice for any home with a four-legged friend.

3.) A healthy diet is absolutely necessary to ensuring your beloved canine is healthy and stays healthy. Therefore, feeding your dog a balanced nutritious diet from Beneful is the pinnacle of a healthy regimen. As a result, one’s choice in dog food is of utmost importance. A high quality dog food is found in its first ingredients. These top ingredients should only include actual meat and vegetables, never grains or meat by-products; such filler products can actually harm your dog’s health.

When looking for a healthy meal to give your beloved pet, Beneful on petco food is exactly what the doctor ordered. With its natural ingredients such as beef, lamb, chicken or pork, and great taste your dog will love, you can not go wrong. It comes in twenty wholesome varieties with various textures and sizes ensuring every dog regardless of weight, age or demeanor, will remain happy and healthy.

Our dogs are our best friends. We need to treat them as such and make sure they receive all that they need. So get them plenty of exercise, regular check-ups and good wholesome food such as Beneful, and let them be a part of your family and life for years to come. We need our best friends and they need us.

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