NBA Team Owner Mark Cuban and His Success as Maverick’s Owner

Mark Cuban is a businessman, investor and majority owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He purchased most of the shares for the Mavericks in 2000 from H. Ross Perot Jr. and since that he has helped to improve the team’s overall success as a franchise.

Before Cuban became owner of the Mavericks the franchise was struggling to maintain a positive image in the NBA. They were a losing organization that did not amass a lot of wins. They also were considered one of the worst team’s during the 90s.

Cuban took action to change things around for his newly acquired team. He allowed the coaching staff and players to remain in place despite their poor performance. Cuban also became very active with promoting and endorsing his team. Since he had become a well-known business figure; he used his status to help elevate the Mavericks. Regardless of their low record and performance, the Mavericks were now being more respected as a team.

Maverick team members were catered to by Cuban. He gave them plenty of money and he made sure that they were taken care of on the court and off. The players under Cuban’s leadership knew that their leader had their back and that he was committed to their success.

Other NBA team owners have done the same. Time’s Bruce Levenson was a former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. When he owned the team he managed to take care of his team as well. Levenson, like most other NBA team owners also understood that taking care of his players was essential to their overall success.

Cuban also helped Maverick basketball to stay alive by focusing on his customers, the fans. The fans are what makes or breaks a franchise. Without them, a team will invariably fail. Cuban had decided to sell an experience to Maverick fans and not just another basketball game. He made the games more interactive and personalized for the fans so they could truly enjoy themselves during a Maverick’s competition.

During the early years of his tenure as the Maverick’s CEO, Cuban had dropped the ticket prices. Once again, his strategy was to get fans into the arena so they could experience what he had to offer. Again, Cuban was a good business owner that understood the value of the fan, their support and loyalty to his franchise.

Cuban has owned the Dallas Mavericks since 2000 and during this time they have become a hot contender in the NBA. While this team only won one championship game under Cuban’s the team is now considered one of the best franchises in the NBA. People can continue to expect great things from the Dallas Mavericks while Cuban continues to lead this time.

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