Handybook is Positioned for Certain Success

In this fast paced, tech-crazy, crunched-for-time modern society we live in Handy intends to make it easier for you to solve your household chores.

By offering the ability to order a household cleaner at the touch of a button, via your smartphone, will certainly pave the road for Handy on apple to offer a more vast array of household needs.

In the same way caregiver sites are offering seals of approval, and ratings for babysitters, Handybook is offering their services to currently vouch for household cleaners.

However, there is nothing stopping Handybook from growing their business to provide plumbers, electricians, landscapers, or even service men or women for appliances that aren’t working properly.

With today’s economy, more middle-class families need two or more incomes to make ends meet. Also, with added time spent at the office trying to pull in some much needed overtime, many people don’t have time to care for their homes they way they would like.

After all, who really wants to come home to a dirty house? Furthermore, if you are one of the overwhelming majority of families with several children, the mess can pile up much faster than anyone can keep up.

Sure we can have our children help with the cleaning, but they have things on their plate too. There’s school, then homework, extracurricular activities and the juggling really becomes no different than ours.

This sounds like a job for Handybook! Why can’t I just google cleaning services? Well, Handybook requires their employees to pass a thorough background check, and Handybook strongly recommends you rate their work; thereby, motivating the cleaners to go the extra mile to receive repeat job opportunities.

A background check and positive rating not only gives you the peace of mind that your valuables are safe while you’re away at work, but also insures that it will be a job well done! Meaning, after a hard day at work, you get to come home to a delightfully clean house; what can be better than that?

There will surely be competitors in the future, but Handybook is the first in the business, and has done all of the necessary research to make your experience better than anyone else can offer.

Being a person with a large family, I can openly admit that I simply cannot keep up with the never-ending mess. This is a service I will use to alleviate at least one of my daily stresses. I especially look forward to the what other services Handybook will offer. I will be able to rest assured that my house will be in great shape, while I concentrate on work and spending quality time with my wife and children.

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