A Look into Frans Schoeman‘s Career

The environmental law encompasses the regulations set to protect the environment from the detrimental impacts of the various human activities. Environmental law, just like the other branches of law, has got very brilliant and versatile lawyers. One such lawyer is Frans Schoeman, a renowned environmental law attorney in South Africa. Read on to learn more about this outstanding lawyer.

Frans Schoeman – Birth and Education

Frans Schoeman was born on 5th January 1969, in Cape Town, South Africa, where he resides to date.

He studied at the University of Free State between the years 1987 and 1990, graduating with a law degree. He was a member of the Student Legal Society while in the campus.

Frans holds some certificates that highlight his qualifications and professionalism. He holds the Law Society of RSA certification that permits him to practice in the Republic of South Africa high courts.

Frans Schoeman’s areas of expertise

Schoeman’s legal prowess has made him a prominent figure in these areas:

  • Environmental Law
  • Banking and Finance Law
  • Administrative law
  • Constitutional and Labor Law
  • Licensing and Regulatory Compliance
  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Medical and Insurance Law

Schoeman’s Career Profile

Frans Schoeman took membership of the Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) in 1990. LSSA focuses on providing training and continuous education to attorneys in a bid to ensure that they offer excellent legal services.

He started his career attheHofmeyr Herbstein and Gibwala Inc., where he worked for about a year before moving to establishing his law firm. His law firm, Joubert Schoeman Attorneys, was opened in January 199) with Helen Joubert as his senior partner.

Schoeman has also been serving as the Legal Director for TG Minister Group since 2001. Additionally he joined Phatsima Diamond in October 2005 as a Managing Director. He would later raise ranks to become the firm’s Legal Director in March 2006.

Phatsima Diamond Corporation is a law firm based in Bellville – a city in Cape Town – South Africa. Owing to his skills and experience in the mining and natural resources industries, Schoeman was tasked with overseeing the mining concessions of Angola at Phatsima Diamond. He has successfully played his role at the firm for close to a decade now.


Throughout his career, Frans Schoeman has played an integral role in helping a wide variety of clients to maneuver the world of environmental law. He is credited with helping the clients to learn their role as far as interacting with the natural world in a fair and just way is concerned. He has proved to be a responsible and dedicated attorney who is keen on ensuring that law governs his clients’ interactions with nature.

In mentioning Schoeman’s interests, you cannot ignore his love for the Porsche car. His other interests include art and painting. He is also a philanthropist who takes pride in participating in various charitable activities spanning across human rights, education, environment, and children affairs.

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