Handy Housekeeping and Handywork on Your Smart Phone

The dust no longer needs to collect on the shelves, the dressers, the books, the disassembled furniture, or the entertainment center, and big screen. It is such a small world now with Handy on the iOS or the Android. This is the perfect app for the home and family. Busy lives no longer need to live in filth as there is help just a click away on the Handy mobile app. The appointment can be made and paid for in moments. A cleaning professional will be dispatched to the home at the home owner’s behest. The cleaning professional is already vetted and 100% guaranteed to be trustworthy and reliable.

Handy is candy for those who just do not have time to clean or just are not inclined. For the non handymen or ladies, fixing things is no longer a worry as there is Handy for the home and professional handyman to order. Needing a plumber is not problem as ordering the plumber from Handy is done with the same ease. No wonder this small start up of three years ago with only two people has now blossomed into a company in 28 cities with over 200 staff members in the various offices.

Since the first two founding employees in 2012, Ingnacio Leonhardt and Weina Scott worked hard to get things going. The two developers, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua got the actual app developed with the help of Weina Scott who worked for seven months writing the code for the first version of the website. To get the app off to a blazing start, the developers were able to secure a $12 million commitment in start up funds from Highland Capital and Capital Partners. It only took three months for Handy to get bookings that made a 60 percent increase each month to eventually garner revenues of one million each week.

In a difficult jobless recovery for the present economy, Handy is a breath of fresh air for many who have taken to freelance work. As Handy freelance professional cleaners, making $18 to $45 per hour for work booked with Handy is very much a reality. Some Handy job assignments can pay $1000 for particular job requests. Handybook, another facet of Handy, puts the customers in touch with screened and vetted candidates to take on the job assignments including interior painting, movers, faucet installation, and handywork. This success was born out of the messy dormitories of Hanarahan and Dua, who also needed their unpacked furniture assembled. Again, necessity is the mother of invention.

No longer being able to stand the squalor of their situation as roommates while they were in the Harvard Business School they put their heads together to create the Handy app that would bring those in dire need of cleaning, assembly, fixing things and other home handy tasks, together. Payment and appointments are accomplished with a swipe on a mobile device. Much like the Uber model without the price surges, Handy fulfills a need and makes better the lives of its users.

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