Why Do Dogs Need Protein?

Just like humans, dogs need certain nutrients to be able to live long and healthy lives. These nutrients are usually divided into two broad groups, macro- and micronutrients. Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, and manganese. These elements are needed in small quantities but are nevertheless important in biological functions like building red blood cells and bones.

Macronutrients are divided into proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Carbs and fats are used by your and your dog’s body for energy. Carbs are used to provide short-term energy needs while fats provide stored energy. Both these nutrients are generally based on sugars that the body converts into energy to function.

Proteins are complex, large molecules that perform a number of important functions in the body. Each protein molecule is made up of amino acids, and the order and combination of these amino acids determine the protein’s function. Amino acids are a group of twenty molecules some of which the body can assemble itself while others must be ingested from the food that your dog eats.

Some protein functions include antibodies which help fend off disease by attaching themselves to the invading organisms preventing them from damaging other cells. Other proteins act as a trucking company, carrying cellular material from one place to another. Enzymes are important in the body because they catalysts and help complex chemical reactions take place. This type of protein may aid in the conversion of food into other proteins or into carbs and fats.

Probably the best-known use of protein is in building muscles. These proteins can form everything from a single muscle cell to the individual walls of cells. Motor proteins are the ones that make up the muscle cells and allow your dog to run, jump and play. Fibrous proteins are the ones that make up your dog’s coat and nails.

Feeding your pet a high-quality dog food is the best way to make sure they are getting the proteins and other nutrients they need to thrive. Lower quality foods often contain fillers that simply fill up your pet’s stomach but without providing the nutrients they require. Beneful from the Nestle Purina PetCare Company is an excellent example of a high-quality dog food.

Beneful on walmart is made using real meat products from beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey. By eating meat, your dog’s digestive system can get the proteins and essential amino acids it cannot make on its own. Equally important is the grains and vegetables that Beneful includes. Modern dogs need the corn, rice, spinach, peas, beans and carrots just as much as the proteins. These grains and vegetables provide the carbs and micronutrients needed to keep your pet healthy.

Beneful is available as either a dry kibble or as a moist food. Each serving provides the nutritional requirements your dog needs based on years of research into canine nutrition. The different combinations of ingredients will allow you to find Beneful in twenty different flavor varieties.

By understanding your dog’s need for protein, you can understand why a high-quality dog food is important to their well-being. Feeding your dog a food like Beneful will help keep your pet healthy and allow them to be a member of your family for a long time.

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