Nobilis Health: An Innovative Approach to Healthcare

Nobilis Health is a healthcare company that owns and manages ambulatory services, as well as acute care facilities in order to deliver healthcare services to patients. Their goal is to improve the healthcare industry for patients by providing cost effective, minimally invasive procedures, that can be performed in outpatient locations. Nobilis uses marketing tactics that are straight to the patients, and throughout their work with each patient, they teach them and have them engaged in the process.

Nobilis Health is in seven areas countrywide, where they own and operate their own facilities. These states include Texas, Arizona, Michigan, Oregon, Minnesota, Tennessee as well as New Jersey.

Nobilis, being a company with a large growth rate that is done organically through their business to customer marketing technique, has a very strong track record of mergers and acquisitions. For example, in late 2014, Nobilis acquired First Nobilis Hospital for a cash amount of $7.5 million.

Nobilis Health also recently acquired North American Spine. This is the parent company of the well known AccuraScope procedure. Due to this acquisition, North American Spine was able to begin offering further treatment options for their patients from spine surgeons. These procedures, like the procedures of Nobilis, are minimally invasive. They are laser spine procedures, which leaves little discomfort for the patient. This is good news to patients because every patient is different and requires different care. Not every patient needs a big surgery to correct pain. This is a great step forward for people who suffer from back or neck pain.

Because of this, Nobilis is seen as a great investment for those who are buying stocks. Nobilis has been viewed as an undervalued company because there is an increase demand for out patient, low cost, surgical procedures. With the population aging and health concerns such as obesity in both adults and children increasing, the need for doctors’ attention can be a tough fight.

Nobilis Health researches the most current and effective channels for their marketing. They use all media, such as TV, radio, print, point-of-care, as well as social media, online advertising, and mobile advertising. This wide variety helps Nobilis identify the best mix of marketing in order to increase patient awareness as well as patient education.

Nobilis is always striving to provide the best medical care possible to patients while increasing their satisfaction. Nobilis has been recognized as an innovator and a leader in the healthcare industry. Some of their core competencies include their obvious development and management of their surgical centers, their financial management and their personnel management. Their marketing, especially point of care marketing, has made a big and innovative mark on the healthcare industry. They merges and partnerships have kept them a strong and growing business, while they also keep close track of all of their legal happenings.

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