The World Of Finance & Brian Bonar

The World Of Finances

Being a business owner, you have to make financial decisions everyday. When making financial decisions for your business, getting help from a financial corporation, is a major DO! This can greatly help your business not only in making responsible decisions that will not risk your company, but this can also help to grow and expand your business. There are a multitude of professional financial corporations all over the country that can provide these services in their own unique way. No matter how the goal is achieved, as long as it is legal and it works. That is the primary goal. When it comes to achieving your financial goal for your business, you must network and acquire resources. Many professional financial corporations manage your fiances with one goal in mind: Making your money work for you. By taking a portion of your profits and investing in key stocks and growing companies, your money, in turn, grows for you due to the increase solely from what you invest. This is what’s known as seeing a return on your investment, as I’m sure most of you may already know.

Introducing Brian Bonar

Among the professional financial corporations that I referred to, is Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept. Both of these companies specialize in HR, Workman’s Comp, and Payroll & Tax Management. They also specialize in benefits, tax deferred benefits, and supplemental insurance. Another factor that both of these companies have in common is Brian Bonar. Brian Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer for both of these companies.

Brian Bonar received a Bachelors of Science Degree from University of Strathclyde. He also received both his Masters in Business Administration and PhD from Staffordshire University. Not only is Brian Bonar the Chief Executive Officer of both Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept, but he is also the Chief Executive Officer for The Amanda Company, Inc., and Smart-Tek Automated Services. He is also, the Chairman and Secretary for Warning Management Services Inc. Brian Bonar is in the business of helping other businesses with making their financial decisions. He has multiple years of experience. One major factor that should be considered pertaining to all five of the companies listed above: They have all been in business for YEARS.

So when you, as a business owner, are sitting down, trying to figure out what financial decisions that need to be made, remember Brian Bonar. You want a professional financial corporation with years of serving small, medium, and large business. You also want a financial professional with years of experience, like Brian Bonar, working with you to help guide your business’ financial future in the right direction.

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