Eric Pulier Strives for Success after Resigning From Computer Sciences Corporation

The April 2015 resignation of Eric Pulier, Chief Executive Officer of Stemulis, from Computer Sciences Corporation was a surprise to many people in the technology industry. Mr. Pulier is known worldwide for his technology expertise and software development inventions. He showed an interest in technology while attending Harvard University, where he studied computer science and wrote for the Harvard Crimson Weekly. In 2008, Eric co-founded ServiceMesh, Inc., a leading provider of cloud management services to international companies and industries. Computer Sciences Corporation, a global provider of recent information technology resolutions and services, acquired ServiceMesh for over $200 million.

Presently, Mr. Pulier is facing a lawsuit in the United States, which was filed by Computer Sciences Corporation for allegedly authorizing payments to executives of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, according to Business Insider. The lawsuit was filed after the bank’s executives were charged in Australia with bribery of taking more than $2 million from ServiceMesh. According to Pulier, he didn’t authorize the payments and claims his innocence. He explains to Business Insider that the Chief Executive Officer of ACE authorized the payments and the transactions were processed in a manner for tax purposes. The non-profit organization hadn’t received its tax exempt status at the time the payments were issued.

Eric Pulier continues to defend his innocence in the allegations brought before him by Computer Sciences Corporation and possible criminal charges in Australia. He said that the foundation provided payment advancements to the executives as employees to work for ACE Foundation. Eric contributed millions of dollars in 2014 to start the non-profit organization, which addresses the effects of technology on humanity. He is a faithful financial donor to charitable and non-profit organizations, including XPRIZE Foundation and The Painted Turtle. Pulier is now residing in California and receiving support from his family and colleagues.

Eric Pulier is presently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Stemulis and is handling the allegations like a pro. His environmental studies at Harvard University combined with computer sciences and technology experience is the reason for his determination to make this world a better place to live. This is proven when he was recognized in 2010 at an event held by the U.S. Doctors for African. Eric was honored for his tremendous works in technology initiative to healthcare in Africa.

The career of Mr. Pulier began in the 1990’s as founder of Digital Evolution and co-founder of the United States Interactive, Inc. In 2001, Pulier founded Akana and co-founded Media Platform, Inc. in 2007. A year later he co-founded ServiceMesh, Inc. and sold the company to Computer Sciences Corporation in 2013. Eric Pulier resigned from Computer Sciences Corp. in April 2015 and one month later became the CEO of Stemulis.

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