The Work and Creations of Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana can be called a modern day renaissance man. He has tried, and been successful, in a diverse area of work performance. He is a businessman, a supporter of local causes, a photographer, musician, and has been involved in aviation.

Music is something that has come late in life to Jon Urbana. Using Ableton software and a guitar, Urbana found he could enter the world of electronic music. He has done remixes of existing songs as well as crafting his own original tracks. He has built up a base of followers on the music website Soundcloud, and a few of his most popular tracks are embedded here.

Jon Urbana is the co-founder of Ellipse, a company that specializes in medical equipment and systems. He’s responsible for Twitter usage and other online advertising methods detailed more at Among their top products is the Ellipse Nordlyn, a versatile platform that can be used in the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, and for use in hair removal. The product works with the use of laser and waveband technology.

He is also a Villanova legend and former professional lacrosse player. Jon Urbana started the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Colorado. The camp is designed to to help young lacrosse players refine and hone their skills. Those participating in the camp will learn from top professional lacrosse players, including members of the Denver Outlaws.

Another activity Urbana is involved with is his photography. Like his diverse work profile, his photography spans a variety of subjects and most of it is posted to Jon Urbana’s Official Blog. There are tight shots of cute and curious cats and kittens. Another favorite subject are colorful and artistic photos of exotic natural plants and flowers. Sprinkled in are off beat landscapes that have an other worldly effect. Zoo-like shots of wild animals are a part of his collection at Flickr. Subjects include a family of apes and elephants that almost look like have been asked to pose.

You can find examples of his work at

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