Groundbreaking Technology in AI And Visual Search Are Changing The Way You Shop Online

For the last two decades the internet as completely changed the way we interact with each other, meet new people, share media, and shop. Online shopping simplified the entire ordeal by making it convenient and available on the go. As the popularity grew big name department stores as well as small boutiques began creating online stores to create more revenue. According to an article written in MIT Technology Report the advancement in artificial intelligence and image recognition is on the move.

Online companies like Pinterest and have begun dabbling in visual search and the new AI technology by testing it out on small groups of their customers, then continuing to add more people each day. At the current moment certain Pinterest users can draw a box around a certain item in an image and the software will find exact or close matches to the selected item. Say you’re looking at a picture of a nicely decorated living room for ideas and you spy a lamp you just have to buy, so you draw a square around the lamp and viola you’ve got a list of similar items or that exact item ready for purchase.

Many companies have attempted to use visual search to enhance the online shopping experience but its just recently taken off in the last few years. Slyce is an online visual search company that has perfected visual search recognition software and created an app specific for those who love to shop. With their universal scanner their users can download the app, take a picture of a 2D or 3D image and find similar or exact matches. Customers can also scan bar codes of items to find cheaper prices elsewhere.

Their newest app called ‘Scout’ recently launched after their purchase of the online company ‘SnipSnap which brought coupons straight to the users phone. The Scout app combines a few apps that provide coupons, rebates, and the lowest prices online for certain items. It works like a personal assistant, you simply text ‘Scout’ what you’re looking for an up comes coupons, deals, and the cheapest prices straight to your phone. Slyce’s continued innovation in the way we use mobile searching, shop for deals, and find items we need while looking through magazines has started a whole new wave of online shopping. AI, visual search, and Slyce’s technology may erase the need for search engines all together.

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