Handy Wins The Home Services War Over HomeJoy

HomeJoy was a home services company that put customers in touch with home services providers across America. The open market style of website is used at Handy, and Handy has won a battle with HomeJoy for marketshare. The recent bankruptcy filing by HomeJoy has ended the battle, and the service structure at Handy has come to light. This article explains how Handy has created a business that survived in a battle with HomeJoy.

#1: Handy Books A Million Dollars A Month

Handy has created a home services business that does around a million dollars in bookings a month. Each booking is between a house or office cleaner and the client. The clients book their cleaners directly, and cleaners may book appointments with as many clients as they like. The house cleaning business allows individuals to run their own companies, and homeowners may find their house cleaners online.

#2: Massive Growth At Handy

Handy did around a million appointments in their first year, but the company has quickly grown to do that much business in one year. Handy made their website as simple to use as possible, and customers quickly took to the simple interface provided by the company. House cleaners are running their businesses almost exclusively through Handy, and it is all done for a small fee.

#3: Americans Are Given More Of Their Time Back

Handy helps save busy Americans time who are in need of help with their homes. Homeowners do not have time to clean their homes, and a house cleaner may show up once a week, once a month or on a custom schedule to meet the needs of each client. Clients may let their cleaners in at any time, and clients will come home to a perfect household.

The Handy marketplace allows house cleaners to manage their businesses online, and the business management process happens through a simple website. Every house cleaner has access to millions of customers, and homeowners may make appointments at any time. The going rate is competitor for each house cleaner, and Handy helps Americans keep their homes clean easily.

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