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Status Labs released information at the end of 2015 that showed that the company is on the up. The agency’s revenue was higher than it was in 2014 by close to 40 percent (39 percent, to be exact). Its revenue had increased by an amazing 939 percent since it was founded back in 2012, as well.

The team at Status Labs believes that this success is thanks to its creative digital strategy techniques and digital natives. Status Labs also believes that this new success is due to its strong concentration both on obtaining new clients and on maintaining them for long stretches of time.

Darius Fisher is the company’s president. He believes that 2015 may have been the agency’s finest year so far. He believes that the firm has put together a wonderful staff of highly talented professionals. He also believes that these professionals are the reason the company is doing so well these days.

Status Labs is a global company that specializes in public relations, digital marketing and Internet reputation management. Status Labs regularly assists companies that need assistance in taking charge of their public images on the Internet. If a business wants to make sure that its reputation online remains strong and positive, it may be smart for its representatives to consider hiring a company like Status Labs to handle all Internet reputation management needs.

Some of the many other useful services that are available through Status Labs include search engine optimization (SEO), permanent link extraction, related search assistance, search engine image curation, content automation technology, public relations, website auditing, corporate rebranding, crisis reaction, social media marketing, content marketing and advertising.

Status Labs’ main office is located in Austin, which is Texas’ vibrant capital city. Although the firm’s head office is in Austin, it has a couple other locations. One is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, while the other one is in New York, New York. The esteemed company has more than 1,500 clients that come from more than 35 nations all around the globe. Some of these clients are large Fortune 1000 companies. Others are famed public figures.

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