GoFundMe Campaign for Autism Research

Autism Rocks is a charity that was established by millionaire British Hedge Fund Trader Sanjay Shah. He recently launched a GoFundme page for Autism Rocks. Sanjay might have had a lot of roles in his life, but the one role he takes very seriously is that of a parent after discovering that his son, Nikhil is autistic.

While trying to find treatment at the Dubai Autism Center, Sanjay was informed that his son could be on a five year long waiting list for treatment. It was then that Sanjay felt the urgency to do something and find ways to raise awareness for more research on Austism. That is when “Autism Rocks” was born. The idea was born when famous rapper, Snoop Dogg turned up at his Dubai home. He then launched an invitation only performance and he had private shows featuring superstars like Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublé, Drake, and Snoop Dogg through his charity Autism Rocks.

Sanjay’s first concert benefiting the charity featured Prince headlining it at London’s Cafe de Paris for a host of high profile guests, including comedians Alan Carr and Michael McIntyre was a tremendous success. Sanjay was touched when the Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan donated his Dubai World Cup winnings to the Dubai Autism Center. He feels the region is behind Europe and the US when it comes to information about autism and the media could play a big part in educating residents what autism is and what the options are with monitoring a child’s health.

Sanjay Shah had previously worked with brokerage firms such as Merrill-Lynch and other big names in financial institutions and specialized in research and training in hedge funds. Shortly after that, Shah founded his own firm, Solo Capital. His business flourished and he is worth nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. Shah uses his wealth and influence to raise money for Autism Rocks and other worthy charities.

Autism Rocks has funded over 15 autism research projects. With his company’s success, Shah is now able to spend less time working and more time focused on his charities such as Autism Rocks.

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