A Recap of Putin’s Underlying Threat

George Soros did not hold back in a recent publication of his when he stated that the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, could not be a potential ally in the international strife against the Islamic State. The reason, Soros implies, stems from an agenda that is entirely Putin’s in which Soros argues that Putin seeks to expedite the disintegration of the European Union. Soros goes on to condemn Putin’s acts of war in Syria that has casued innocent refugees, in which Soros has reached out to, to have to flee to other countries. This “tactic” thinking of Putin’s was complimented by Soros himself, who quickly noted that Putin lacked calculation in disguising his true intentions, which has since put him in a quarrel with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, harming both of their agendas. Soros speculates that Russia and the European Union are heading for total collapse, and wonders which one will fall first. Soros also theorizes that the collapse of Putin’s regime is inevitable and that a shift to the collapse of the European Union instead could potentially foil the former’s downfall altogether. Though taking the threat of ISIS seriously, Soros concludes that it is the underlying threat of Russia that ought to concern political figures around the world and that such obliviousness could breed a complex issue that could be difficult to hinder or contain.
George Soros has been a widely known Hungarian born self made philanthropist since the 1970s with an impressive net worth of $24 billion. He is the founder and chairman of Open Society, an organization that is comprised of partners and ideas and purposes being brought to fruition in many countries around the world. His philanthropic work even goes beyond Open Society. Soros can best be described as a humanist, respectful of everyone from all walks of life and places his unwavering effort into representing anyone in need of having their voice heard. Soros has lived through and experienced pivotal times in history, which has greatly influenced him as a contributing and functioning member of society as well as having an everlasting impact on his career. He has lent a helping hand in virtually every realm imaginable due to his personal belief that someone must own up to the responsibility of cancelling out the misfortunes in the world. He is impressively ranked on Forbes and currently lives in the state of New York. He is married and is the father of five children.

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