CipherCloud Continues Its Upward Journey

Cloud technology has gotten much more widespread and technologically refined in recent years. It is not simply online file storage. The customers are renting or borrowing software rather than buying it. Their space is no longer local, but it is shared space where the data is stored and used online. One of the biggest concerns of initial customers was the loss of control over data. Newer technology has ameliorated this situation.

There are much lower capital costs for technology because of many users sharing fees. Data is said to be safer on the cloud, where it is encrypted and tokenized. Tokenization is the process whereby sensitive or classified data is replaced with identification symbols which still carry all pertinent data. There is also malware detection, as well as activity monitoring.

The improved usage of resources is good for the green movement in sustainability. These resources are shared among many customers, which lowers costs and saves the environment from furnishing millions of customers their own software.

CipherCloud has a few differences in operation from the first cloud companies. They protect the business information, customer data, and intellectual property. According to SiliconIndia, CipherCloud aids users by having no discernable effect on application and end-user experience. They also offer increased control and visibility for users.

Then too, YouTube indicates how CipherCloud helps its users to comply with industry and global regulations. This is a top priority for many customers, whether government, financial, pharmaceutical, or healthcare. CipherCloud says that 5 of the top 10 banks in the U.S. are customers.

The future for CipherCloud looks promising with CASB (cloud access security broker) space being used in higher numbers. Pravin Kothari, Founder and CEO of CipherCloud, says that CipherCloud will allow businesses complete control and visibility over their cloud data. More and more customers will embrace cloud technology, and the cloud’s potential will be fully exploited. Recently, CipherCloud has received $50 in investments to continue building its cloud and to continually address security concerns.

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