Union of South American Nations Led by Venezuela

The Union of South American Nationals, also known as UNASUR, holds a rotating form of government. The head of UNASUR, called the President Pro Tempore, is held by the Head of State of a UNASUR Nation and changes on an annual basis.
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela was thrilled to announce that on Saturday April 23rd, 2016, the office of President Pro Tempore was filled by former President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro during the UNASUR summit held in Equito, Ecuador.

During the summit Dr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez was quick to notice, a moment of silence was held in observation of the victims of the recent earthquake in Ecuador which sadly claimed the lives of over 600 people and caused injury to over 12,000.

Guillaume Long, Foreign Minister of Ecuador, thanked the people of Venezuela especially Manuel Gonzalez and the other member nations of UNASUR for the humanitarian aid that was provided to Ecuador in response to this tragedy.

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